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Learn Management the Easy Way with the Help of Downloadable Power-point Presentations - Learn at Your Own Pace. The Presentation contains Animation. To View the Course please run the “ Slide Show ”. You Can Run the Slide Show by Using any one of the following options:

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Learn Management the Easy Way with the Help of Downloadable Power-point Presentations - Learn at Your Own Pace.

  • The Presentation contains Animation. To View the Course please run the “Slide Show”.
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Attracting the right employees

Application as screening tool

Screening resumes

Interview Basics

Structured interviewed techniques

Evaluating motivation to perform the job

Importance of selection and recruitment

How to use testing?

Background checks

Making final selection decision

the organization in the employment environment
The Organization in the employment environment

Employee selection in any organization is open to influence from the outside. A number of environmental factors can affect an organization’s effort to hire and retain a workforce

Organized labor

Available labor supply


Law and political climate

Culture and subculture


National and global economy

Science and technology


Behavioral and social science

Links between an organization and the surrounding environment. Links between the organization and environmental components are 2-way indicating a reciprocal relationship

which benefits do employees find most desirable
Which benefits do employees find most desirable?

Feeling secure in job

Having financial security

Savings for child’s tuition

Preparing for retirement

Savings for a home

Retiring early

Furthering my education outside work

Making more money

Staying healthy

Having more tiime for family

The following are the top ten employee priorities based on needs, fears, and goals

ways of advertising
Ways of advertising

Advertising is an ‘Umbrella’ that covers much more than the classified section in your local newspaper. Advertising costs your company money, but it gives you control over the message, the medium, and the timing

Public relations

Direct Mail

Job Fairs


Employment Publications

Recruiting agencies

News Letters

News Papers

checklist for attracting the right employees
Checklist for attracting the right employees

Make sure your organization is a great place to work. Part of doing that is having innovative recruiting processes

In convincing the best people to join your organization, benefits that are consistent with employees needs are important, but not the most important concern

Recruiting involves marketing. Know your geographic market, then use a mix of media to get your recruiting message out to those you want to apply

Media to consider when recruiting include newspapers, newsletters, regional employment magazines, direct mail, radio, job fairs, and the internet. A public relations firm can help you get your message out as well

Evaluate you recruiting methods to see if you are getting the results you want

the pros and cons of resumes versus applications
The Pros and Cons of resumes versus applications



  • Straight forward
  • Structured
  • Limit embellishment
  • Easier to evaluate
  • Open ended; promote creativity
  • Allow applicants to emphasize what they feel is important
  • Allow applicants to ‘hang’ themselves
  • Less expensive and easier to solicit


  • Close ended – limited creativity
  • More expensive to develop and distribute
  • Allow applicants to omit information
  • Foster embellishment
  • Harder to evaluate


resume screening checklist
Resume screening checklist

The next thing you need to know is what should be included on the resume screening checklist

Overall appearance



Education and credentials

Relevant affiliations and activities


why some traditional interviews do not work
Why some traditional interviews do not work?
  • Lack of clear interview purpose
  • Lack of clearly defined positions competencies
  • Lack of interview structure
  • Lack of preparation
  • Poor follow-up questioning techniques
  • Legal liability
  • Allowing bias to influence the interview
what is motivational fit
What is motivational fit?

The level of alignment or agreement between what a person expects or wishes to receive from a job and what the job can actually offer. These factors can include aspects of the work itself or characteristics associated with the work

selection systems as stock portfolios
Selection systems as stock portfolios

Let’s consider an example that should help strengthen the similarities.

Let’s say that you have identified 5 competency areas that make up the successful profile of a production team member. It would be nice if there were one test that could cover all these areas, but that is not realistic. Instead we should look at putting together a portfolio of tests or interviews that will effectively cover these competencies.

20% - Team


30% - Problem


15% - Attention

to detail

15% - Respon-


20% - Flexibility

Let us see about the types of tests in our next slide

why should you do background checks
Why should you do background checks?

Consider the following points

Research suggests that as many as one out of five applicants provide false information on their resumes

An inquiry conducted by a congressional subcommittee discovered that over 30 million people had gained employment by false information on their resumes

Violence in the workplace is a “disgruntled employee” has become a common character description in the news

what job relevant elements should you check
What job-relevant elements should you check?

Checking references

Checking credentials

Checking training needs

This involves talking with people who are familiar with candidate’s work history and asking appropriate questions

Verifying educational degrees, certification, and licenses

Knowing a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses before you hire him or her


Learn Management the Easy Way with the Help of Downloadable Power-point Presentations - Learn at Your Own Pace.

Just Download the Presentation and Run the Slide-Show.

This is a DEMO Course On – Employee Selection Process. The Complete Course Consists of 88 Slides.

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