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Samsung Videowalls PowerPoint Presentation
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Samsung Videowalls

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Samsung Videowalls
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Samsung Videowalls

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  1. Samsung Videowalls Introducing MagicInfo Videowall 2

  2. Introducing MagicInfo Videowall 2 • MagicInfo Videowall 2 is a software based approach to videowall layout and design, building upon the technology developed for MagicInfo I digital signage software. • MagicInfo Videowall 2 utilizes a standard user-supplied PC to act as a point of control and distribution, and over a LAN, send content to Samsung PC modules embedded in Samsung videowall LCD displays. • This allows for the entire videowall system to be treated as a single unit, and content to be scheduled dynamically. • MagicInfo Videowall 2 is designed to be a lower cost alternative to dedicated hardware based videowall processors.

  3. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Benefits Flexible Wall Shape & Resolution Cost Effective Live Video Streaming Easy Scheduling Easy Remote Management

  4. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Benefits • MagicInfo Videowall 2 supports an array of standard and non-standard configurations.

  5. What’s New In MagicInfo Videowall 2 • MagicInfo Videowall 2 supports all display models with built in PCs, models that use the SIM-NT, and models that use the SBB-A • MagicInfo Videowall 2 is a free upgrade for existing users! • In addition to the features from the original software, MagicInfo Videowall 2 offers several new benefits: • Faster system response time and performance • Support for changing sources on the videowall • The addition of more powerful content layout functions

  6. MagicInfo Videowall 1 VS. 2 – New Features Version 1 • Scalability • Not limited by hardware, MagicInfo Videowall can scale to nearly any number of displays. • Simple Connectivity • Ethernet infrastructure is less complex than traditional video cabling. • Easy Installation • Ethernet is less cumbersome, easier to pull and terminate, and costs less than traditional video cables. • High Quality Video • MagicInfo Videowall allows addressing the native resolution of the videowall, improving visual quality. • Non Standard Wall Configurations • MagicInfo Videowall allows for non-linear or unusual wall configurations, including using different sized displays. • Dynamic Content • MagicInfo Videowall supports content scheduling, PC screen sharing and IP camera streaming, and control of screen layouts as “scenes”.

  7. MagicInfo Videowall 1 VS. 2 – New Features Version 2 • All of the features of Version 1, plus the following new content options: Interactive Move and Zoom Easy and Quick Scene Changes Source : MagicInfo Source : AV, PC, DVI Switch Display Inputs

  8. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features

  9. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • Eye-Catching Flexible Video Wall Designs • Unlike traditional video processing, MagicInfo Videowall 2 is capable of creating dynamic videowall shapes. • Displays can be in either portrait or landscape. • Displays can be any size or resolution. • Videowalls no longer have to be linear!

  10. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • Layout Examples: 2x4 2x2 5x5 Overlay Different Sizes

  11. Compatible Content Types Pictures (JPG) Video file PC Desktop Sharing Full Screen or Windowed Samsung IP Cameras

  12. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • Dynamic Content Lay Outs • MagicInfo Videowall 2 allows the user to create multiple content scenes, and schedule them to run on the wall at any time. • Multiple content items can be incorporated into each scene. • Every display can be controlled independently, allowing flexibility in content layout. One Content Item, Different Layouts Multiple Content Items, Different Layouts

  13. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • Content placement is not tied to individual displays, content can span bezels and be placed anywhere on the display matrix. • Content can be zoomed in or zoomed out to fill a desired area.

  14. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • Instant Scene Edit & Publish • Scenes that will be displayed on the video wall can be viewed or edited on the fly. Edit Scene & Publish Immediately Change Size Add Content (Image / Movie / PC video /Live camera) Change Position Change Content Order

  15. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • MagicInfo Videowall 2 supports streaming live video to the videowall via the LiveCaster software. • The PC with LiveCaster installed can stream it’s desktop video to the videowall. • PC video can be captured full screen (up to 1920x1080), or as a single user definable area. • Video will stream at up to 10 frames per second. • Samsung IP cameras can be displayed on the videowall.

  16. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • External Video Inputs • MagicInfo Videowall 2 can integrate external video sources (PC, DVI, AV) connected to the display matrix. • Different layouts can be configured dynamically. MagicInfo Content External Source MagicInfo Content MagicInfo Content External Source + MagicInfo MagicInfo Content

  17. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • Remote Device Management • MagicInfo Videowall 2 can take advantage of Samsung’s MDC protocol to provide complete control and settings for video wall monitors.

  18. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features • Video Wall Urgent Messaging • Text based urgent messages can be sent to the videowall on demand. • The font, scrolling animations, and location can be controlled from the Console. Welcome to Samsung Electronics!

  19. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Operation

  20. MagicInfo Videowall 2 System Diagram • MagicInfo Videowall 2 is a simple software solution composed of Author software, Console software, the Client software, and LiveCaster software. Videowall Player Content playback and sync MagicInfo I Premium Server Web Gigabit Switch LiveCaster Provides streaming of IP Camera or PC desktop video Videowall Console Provides schedule and management capabilities Videowall Author Used to make Video Wall content files (.VWL) Up to 10 LiveCasters , at 10FPS VWL File

  21. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Console • The Console is a program which plays, controls and manages video wall content or general media (images, movies) that will be played on the video wall.

  22. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Console • Schedules can be created, published or managed. • A message schedule can be created and published.

  23. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Console • Detailed settings for the video wall monitors, including basic on/ off functions, remote access settings, name of monitor and network addresses, can be changed.

  24. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Author • The Author allows for the creation of different monitor and scene layouts. • Any monitor size and orientation is supported. The user can create any display configuration desired.

  25. MagicInfo Videowall 2 Features System Requirement

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