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MLA formatting . Rules and Guidelines. Basic Rules. Typed and double-spaced. Legible Font (e.g. Times New Roman). Leave only one space after periods or other punctuation (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher). Set margins to 1 inch on all sides. Basic Rules part two.

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Mla formatting

MLA formatting

Rules and Guidelines

Basic rules
Basic Rules

  • Typed and double-spaced.

  • Legible Font (e.g. Times New Roman).

  • Leave only one space after periods or other punctuation (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher).

  • Set margins to 1 inch on all sides.

Basic rules part two
Basic Rules part two

  • Indent first line of paragraphs.

  • Create a header that numbers all pages consecutively in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Use italics throughout your essay for the titles of longer works.

Formatting the first page of your paper
Formatting the first page of your paper

  • Do not make a title page for your paper unless specifically requested.

  • In the upper left-hand corner of the first page list your name, your instructor’s name, the course, and the date.

    • Be sure to use double-spaced text


  • John Smith

  • Mr. Wood

  • English 12

  • 20 September 2012

More formatting of the first page
More formatting of the first page

  • Double space again and center the title. Do not underline, italicize, or place your title in quotation marks.

  • Double space between the title and the first line of the text.

  • Create a header in the upper right-hand corner that includes your last name, followed by the page number.

In text citations
In-text citations

  • Author-Page style

  • “Thou hast shined like a noon-day sun.” (Shakespeare 187).

  • Or

  • Shakespeare stated that “thou hast shined like a noon-day sun.” (187).

In text continued
In-text continued

  • If there is no known author please include the title.

  • (“Looking Backwards” 12)

  • Or if the title is too long please provide a shortened version.

  • (“Impact of Global Warming” 6)

    • Actual title “The Impact of Global Warming in North America.”

Books with multiple editions
Books with Multiple Editions

  • Marx and Engels’s The Communist Manifesto, has multiple editions. In such cases, give the page number of your edition (make sure the edition is listed in your Works Cited page) followed by a semicolon, and then the appropriate abbreviations.

  • (79; ch. 1)

  • (122; vol. 3)

Authors with same last names
Authors with same last names

  • (R. Miller 12)

  • (A. Miller 46)

Citing work with multiple authors
Citing work with multiple authors

  • For a source with three or fewer authors, list the authors’ last names in the text or in the citation:

  • Smith, Yang, and Moore argue that tougher gun control is not needed in the United States (76).

  • The authors state “Tighter gun control in the United States erodes Second Amendment rights” (Smith, Yang, and Moore 76).

Citing the bible
Citing the Bible

  • (New Jerusalem Bible, Ezek. 1.5-10).

  • Also, do not cite where common sense prevails. No need to site common knowledge or well-known quotations.

Rules of works cited page
Rules of Works Cited page

  • Begin Works Cited page on a separate page at the end of the paper.

  • List entries in alphabetical order.

  • Label the page Works Cited (do not italicize the words or put them in quotation marks)

  • Double space all citations, but do not skip spaces between entries.

More rules
More rules

  • Indent the second and subsequent lines of citations to create a hanging indent.

  • List page numbers of sources efficiently.

    • If you refer to a journal article that appeared on pages 225 through 250, list the pages numbers as 225-50.


    • You must determine the Medium of Publication.

      • Ex: Web, Print, Film, DVD.

How to format works cited
How to format Works Cited

  • Books and reference books

  • General form

    • Author, Name. Title of the Book. Place of publication: Publisher, year. Print

  • Dillard, Annie. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. New York: Harper and Row. 1974. Print

More works cited
More Works Cited

  • Scholarly Journal

    • Author, Name. “Article Title.” Title of the Journal Volume. Issue (Year): Page number(s). Print

    • Stino, Sandra. “Writing as Therapy in a County Jail.” Journal of Poetry Therapy 9.4 (1995): 552-61. Print.

Works cited
Works Cited

  • Web pages and documents.

  • Author, Name. “Title of Web Page or Document.” Title of Web Site. Publisher or sponsor of site, Date of publication or update. Web. Date accessed

  • Wood, Mr. “English 11 blog.” Edublogs. n.p.19 September 2012. Web. September 2012.