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Junior-Senior meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Junior-Senior meeting

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Junior-Senior meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Junior-Senior meeting
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  1. Junior-Senior meeting

  2. SIGN-IN for this meeting • Sign your name or initial next to your name on the sheet. • Please write down WHO your advisor is and WHEN you meet with them on the sign-in for this meeting. • Please write down your cell phone number.

  3. College Blog • For WECHS students in college classes • www.cfcc.edu/blogs/wechs • Check weekly – updated on Wednesdays • Link to this PPT, college visit dates, sign-ups, news, etc. • Guest columnists needed! • Pictures needed!

  4. SOAR/Accountability • All students must attend SOAR or have an Accountability Advisor • SOAR and Accountability are worth 1 high school credit. • The grade you receive in this course will be listed on your high school transcript and will be calculated in your GPA. Cont’d

  5. SOAR/Accountability • It is imperative that you meet with your advisor weekly and be honest about how you’re doing in your college and high school classes. • ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT!

  6. WHAT IS SOAR?Student Outreach for Achievement and Reflection Juniors, Seniors and Super Seniors • SOAR placement is determined by your GPA and Academic Standing at CFCC, as well as if you successfully complete all coursework with a C or higher. Advisors will also look at if you are using “flex-time” appropriately. • Students with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.5, AND are in GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING, will be required to attend SOAR class at least twice a week as well as report to their Advisor bi-weekly.

  7. WHAT IS SOAR?Student Outreach for Achievement and Reflection Juniors, Seniors and Super Seniors • Students with below a 2.0 GPA on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Academic Suspension will be required to attend SOAR class daily as well as report to their Advisor bi-weekly. • SOAR is a 1 credit, year-long, mini-course to help you balance your academic life with your future goals. With your success in mind, the SOAR teacher may facilitate lessons on time management, study skills, college success strategies, self-advocacy, goal setting, professional communication, grade calculation and the establishment of learning groups. This time is regularly structured, additionally there may be coordinated study group during the week.

  8. WHAT IS SOAR?Student Outreach for Achievement and Reflection Juniors, Seniors and Super Seniors • Through SOAR you will have an Advisor, who will meet with you at least once every week during the semester to discuss your grades and academic progress as well as concerns you may have about your courses. Remember, your Advisor is your “first stop” for any issues, questions or concerns that may present themselves throughout the semester.

  9. What is Accountability? • Weekly Advising meetings • Updates in ALL College and HS classes. • Upcoming assignments, tests, projects • Grades received, work reviewed • Discussion of any issues • Communication link between HS and College • Support for success in college coursework • Again, communicate with your accountability advisor regarding any issues, questions or concerns that may present themselves throughout the semester.

  10. College Expectations • Follow expectations of syllabus. • Each instructor uses some standard language. • Each instructor personalizes syllabus expectations and grading policies.. • Treat each one as a contract. • Serve as a role model. • You are a “college student.” • You are given an opportunity to get ahead. • You are representing all early college students.

  11. College Expectations • Attend Class! • Standard attendance policy is 80%. • Save absences for dire circumstances. • Keep track of your own attendance. • Complete work on time. • Few college instructors provide retakes, make-up or extensions. • Even if absent, do the work when due.

  12. College Expectations • Be respectful! • In class. • In email. • With other students in common areas. • Keep track of your progress. • Record your grades. • Communicate w/ instructor.

  13. Instructor Communications • Email • Dear Professor ___________: • Mrs./Mr. ______________: • Language of email • Office hours • Phone • When to communicate

  14. HS Attendance • ALL STUDENTS MUST SIGN IN DAILY! • Sign-in on North Campus- • Book outside of Ms. Holliday’s office • Sign-in on Downtown Campus- • “S” Building- Binder at the security desk, left-hand corner when you walk into the building.

  15. Withdrawing from a class • No longer an option unless dire circumstance • Must get principal’s approval- all withdrawal forms MUST have her initials on them along with Ms. Santhuff’s

  16. Withdrawing from a class • What you have to prove before consideration by principal: • Discussion with Advisor re: problems, grades, etc • Use of learning lab/tutor • Formation of study group/study partners • Meeting with instructor for suggested methods of note-taking and study • Record of grades • Record of attendance • If approved, completed forms must be turned in to CFCC Student Development to be processed.

  17. Withdrawing from a class • NOTE: This is the last year that ANY withdrawals will appear on your HS Transcript as a “W”. Next year, ALL withdrawals will be recorded on your HS Transcript as an “F”- Course Failure.

  18. Advising Preparations • New semester pre-advising with WECHS advisor will begin in late March. • April 1 – Mrs. Santhuff and Vo-Tech Advisors begin advising for college schedules. • April 8 – College Transfer Advisors begin advising if you don’t go to Mrs. Santhuff • Early April – check WebAdvisorto see when you are eligible to register for Summer/Fall ’13

  19. College Advising Preparations • Sign up online through SignUp Genius (link will be provided in email later) • Bring HS Pre-Advising Worksheet • Check your test scores • Accuplacer requirements… • SAT and ACT (Ms. Simone will cover). • Print your program evaluation (WebAdvisor). • Check your major listed as default on Prog. Evaluation Page. • Change major if necessary.

  20. How to Change Major • Discuss appropriate change and get signature. • Go to Student Services window on North or Downtown Campus. • Complete a form for “Program Change.” • Sign in to speak with a counselor. • Entire process takes about 10 minutes.

  21. ACT Test Date ALL Juniors-3/5/13 • State Test Date for ALL Juniors- REQUIRED • Tuesday March 5, 2013 • Test time: 9:15am-2:30pm • Can be sent to colleges and universities. • Is a usable test score. • Scores may be accepted by CFCC in place of the ACCUPLACER.

  22. ACT Test Date ALL Juniors-3/5/13 • Plan to miss ALL college courses that day. NO students will be allowed out of the test room early. WHEN the test ends, you may get to later classes. • Be sure to tell ALL Tuesday instructors that you will be missing class due to the ACT on March 5th. WECHS and NHCS will have a letter which you can show them. • College classes DO NOT have excused absences, just seat time. This test WILL count as an absence. Be sure to include this as you calculate your attendance. • If you have a lab on Tuesdays, find out if you can attend a different lab that week. If you have a test scheduled, find out if you can take the test on Monday instead, or at a different time. • TALK TO YOUR INSTRUCTORS IN ADVANCE!!

  23. SAT & ACT • Early College Students are considered a first-time freshman for college admissions. These tests are VERY important. • ALL NC College and Universities require the SAT and ACT. • YOU MUST GET SCORES WHICH FALL INTO THE college’s AVERAGE RANGE TO BE ADMISSABLE!!! • BEGIN to STUDY and TAKE Practice Tests NOW! • LEARN TEST STRATEGIES • Pick up a practice booklet this week. • Large study guides are available for check out in Simone’s office. • Study online on collegeboard.org & actstudent.org • Be prepared!!!

  24. Upcoming Test Dates SAT www.collegeboard.org ACT with Writing www.actstudent.org * FEE WAIVERS*: Available to students who qualify in one of two ways: 1. Free and Reduced Lunch OR 2. By the income guidelines. In order to use a fee waiver to register for this test, students must make an appointment with Ms. Simone. See Miss Simone if you think you qualify for a fee waiver.

  25. Graduating Next Year? • Be sure to take the SAT AND ACT more than once. Be sure to take BOTH tests this year. • KNOW the college admissions requirements for the schools you are interested in. KNOW the Average GPA and Test Scores Required. • MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with Miss Simone to discuss the college admissions process with you and your parents.

  26. Upcoming College Visits • North Carolina A&T / UNC Greensboro • UNC Pembroke / Fayetteville State University Dates will be announced soon. Priority space will be given to Super-Seniors, Seniors and Juniors for these visits.