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j regelt kivanok n.
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J ó regelt kivanok ! PowerPoint Presentation
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J ó regelt kivanok !

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J ó regelt kivanok !
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J ó regelt kivanok !

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  1. Jó regeltkivanok! Good Morning!

  2. Partner Church ProgramNorth America ~ RomaniaHaranglab ~ BridgewaterDesfalva ~ BelmontJames Hayes-Bohanan firstparishbridgewater.blogspot.com

  3. Unitarian Universalist Partner Church CouncilVISION AND MISSION STATEMENTadopted June 26, 2010 Vision:We envision a worldwide Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist community that promotes peace, justice, and liberty for all, supported by partnerships that are integral to congregational life. Mission: The mission of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Council is to foster and support partner relationships between UU congregations and individuals in the United States and Canada with Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist congregations, orphanages, schools and students in all other countries where partnering is sought and welcomed.  These will be mutually beneficial, responsibly sustained, and linked by joint and mutual covenants. We will:BE a bridge that connects congregations around the world;REACH across boundaries to collaborate with old and new partners;CREATE transformational opportunities for pilgrimage and hospitality, for  learning and for service;CHALLENGE ourselves theologically and open ourselves to changed values and behaviors;ESTABLISH global community as a common commitment of liberal religion;INITIATE partnerships that promote global friendships, international awareness, human rights, and a better world; andSUSTAIN this global vision, enlarging and renewing it as new occasions teach new duties.

  4. Spi-rit of Life, Come un-to me Él-et lel-ke, jöjj el hoz-zánk Él-et lel-keh, yöy el hohz-zahnk Sing in my heart all the stir-rings of com-pas-sion Aldd meg szi-vünk min-den ö-szin-te nagy ál-mát Ald meg see-vünk min-den ö-sin-teh nadj ahl-maht Blow in the wind, rise in the sea Jöjj a szél-el, a ten-ger-ben Yöy ah sail-el ah ten-gehr-ben

  5. Move in the hand giv-ing life the shape of jus-tice. Ve-zesd lel-künk az ö-rök i-gaz-ság utján Veh-zeshd lel- künk ahz ö-rök ee-gaz-shahg oot-yahn Roots hold me close. Wings set me free. Szár-nya-kat kapsz. Sza-bad le-szel. Sahr-nya-kat kaps. Sa-bad le-sel. Spirit of Life, come to me, come to me. Él-et lel-ke, jöjj el hoz-zánk, jöjj el hoz-zánk Él-et lel-keh, yöy el hohz-zahnk, yöy el hohz-zahnk

  6. Romania

  7. Romania - Size • 46°N, 25°E cf. Bridgewater, MA: 42°N, 71°E – Thus Romania has somewhat longer summer days and somewhat longer winter nights • total: 237,500 sq km • land: 230,340 sq km • water: 7,160 sq km Transylvania: 101,000 sq km

  8. Hungary - 1090 Largely defined by Carpathians

  9. Hungary – 1965

  10. Romania 1965

  11. Dacia - 106 Defined by Eastern Carpathians (fortress) and Danube, Dnister, and Prut Rivers (moat)

  12. Kolozvár

  13. Cluj-Nepoca

  14. Flags An eagle holding a cross in its beak and a sword and a scepter in its claws, as well as the symbols of the five historical provinces - Wallachia, Moldova, Transylvania, Banat and Dobrogea.

  15. Romania – Topography • Transylvanian Basin separated from: • Plain of Moldavia by the Carpathian Mountains • Walachian Plain on the south by the Transylvanian Alps

  16. Transylvania … across the forest

  17. Age Structure Romania 2003

  18. Age Structure Romania 2035

  19. Vlad Tepes1431 – 1476 Ruler of Wallachia

  20. DRACULA • Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund created the Order of the Dragon • Vlad's Dad (also Vlad) was Dracul – the dragon • His son was Dracula – "son of the dragon" • … which came to mean "son of the devil"

  21. The Impaler Ruled Wallachia 1448, 1456-1462, 1478 Built monasteries Effective against Turks Geopolitical uses today?

  22. Vampire Cinema Completists

  23. Nicolae Ceausescu1918 – Dec. 25, 1989 No ordinary communist

  24. Stunning Vistas