My first 100 tb of data
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My first 100 Tb of data. STATISTICAL METHODS FOR NEW TECHNOLOGY WORKING GROUP. Ciprian M. Crainiceanu Johns Hopkins University Members of the group. Key personnel C.M. Crainiceanu, B.S. Caffo, A.-M. Staicu, S. Greven, D. Ruppert, C.-Z. Di Senior Students

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My first 100 tb of data

My first 100 Tb of data


Ciprian M. Crainiceanu

Johns Hopkins University

Members of the group
Members of the group

  • Key personnel

    • C.M. Crainiceanu, B.S. Caffo, A.-M. Staicu, S. Greven, D. Ruppert, C.-Z. Di

  • Senior Students

    • V. Zipunnikov, J.-A. Goldsmith

  • Other statisticians (>20)

  • Scientific collaborators

    • Direct collaboration

    • Solving important scientific problems

    • Diverse scientific applications

Scientific collaborators
Scientific Collaborators

  • Susan Bassett – fMRI, Alzheimer’s

  • Danny Reich – DTI, DCE-MRI, MS

  • Brian Schwartz – lead exposure, VBM, DTI, white matter imaging

  • Stewart Mostofsky – fMRI, rsfcMRI, Autism, ADHD, Turrets

  • Naresh Punjabi – EEG, sleep, sleep diseases

  • Dzung Pham / PilouBazin – Cortical shape, thickness, lesion detection, MS

  • Dean Wong – PET, fMRI substance abuse

  • Susan Resnick –BLSA

  • Jerry Prince – BLSA, ADNI

  • Jim Pekar, Peter Van Zijl – 7T MRI, fMRI, rsfcMRI preprocessing, scanner physics

  • Christos Davatzikos- RAVENS

  • Susumu Mori – DTI, tractography

  • Dana Boatman – ECOG, EEG, epilepsy

  • Graham Redgrave – fMRI, DTI, Huntington’s, anorexia/bulimia

  • Tudor Badea, Bruno Jednyak – Neuron classification, morphometry, 3D structure and shape

  • Tom Glass – Gizmos

  • Merck – EEG, neuroimaging

  • Pfizer – imaging biomarkers?

Longitudinal functional principal component analysis lfpca
Longitudinal Functional Principal Component Analysis (LFPCA)

  • I=1000, J=4, D=100: 15’

  • I=1000, J=8, D=200: 70’

    Greven, Crainiceanu, Caffo, Reich, 2010. LFPCA, EJS, to appear

A simple regression formula
A simple regression formula

  • Data compression via longitudinal PCA

  • MoM estimators of covariance matrices, smoothing

  • Need: all covariance operators

  • Solution: regress Yij(d)Yik(d’) on 1, Tik, Tij, TikTij, djk

Functional regression
Functional regression

  • No paper on longitudinal functional regression

  • No paper published with this data structure

  • Longitudinal extensions are not “simple”

  • Technical details are hard without the correct “recipe” for known and published “ingredients”

  • No available method that scales up

    Goldsmith, Feder, Crainiceanu, Caffo, Reich, 2010. PFR, JCGS, to appear

    Goldsmith, Crainiceanu, Caffo, Reich, 2010. LPFR, to appear?

My first 100 tb of data

Yi = P ViD + Ei

  • P is T*A

  • D is B*F

  • Vi is A*B

  • A << T, B << F

My first 100 tb of data

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) summarizes variance

One subject


Subject-specific Data







My first 100 tb of data

Default PVD

(Start here)



Subject-specific Data


Low rank approximation


Population decomposition

Stacked across subjects

Projecting original data onto population bases


Subject-specific Data

Caffo BS, Crainiceanu CM, Verduzco G, Joel SE, Mostofsky SH, Bassett SS, Pekar JJ. Two-Stage decompositions for the analysis of functional connectivity for fMRI with application to Alzheimer’s disease risk. NeuroImage (In Press).

My first 100 tb of data

  • Currently:

    • Deploying PVD to the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project


    • Comparing rsfcMRI in stroke versus normal subjects

Main message backed by 100tb of data
Main message, backed by 100Tb of data

  • Eventually, good tech makes into observational and clinical trials

  • Longitudinal/Multilevel FDA is the natural next step in FDA

  • Data is changing the way we do business: availability, size, complexity

  • Likely: funding will be based much more on relevance than on technical ability