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Kurt Weiser

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Kurt Weiser
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  1. Kurt Weiser By: Adriana Danzilo

  2. Introduction • Kurt Weiser was born in 1950 in Lansing Michigan. He studied ceramics under Ken Fergusen at the Kansas City Art Institute from 1972-76 and then completed an MFA at the University of Michigan. • In 1988, after a stint as Director of the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT, Weiser started teaching ceramics at Arizona State University, where he has held the position of Regents' Professor of Art since August 2000. • Weiser began his career making sculptural porcelain vessels, but soon turned his attention to painting on porcelain. Weiser's allegorical scenes, painted in a natural realism style on his distinctive vessel forms have since then become easily recognizable works of a porcelain painting master.

  3. Introduction 2 • In the next six slides I will be giving five examples of Kurt Weiser’s artwork,as a potter. I will be giving the title of the artwork, the date of the work, and material used for the work. I will also provide one influence of the artist and make a comparison between one of the artist’s work and their influences. Finally I will provide an explanation and interpretation of the major themes in the artist’s work as a whole.

  4. IGUANA • Iguana was completed in 1992. The material he used was castporcelain and china paint. It is a collection of the Arizona Stateuniversity Art Museum, girft of the museumstore. The history of the art of china painting is a long one. It is an art in which the application of paint and glazes was initially used to decorate ceramic vessels with patterns and eventually with images of varying degrees of representational detail and difficulty.

  5. Confidential • Confidential was completed in 1997. The material Kurt used to make this artwork was castporcelain and china paint. Collection of Jim and VickiMercer. Kurt Weiser is a contemporary ceramics artist and painter who creates unique pottery, both vessels and objects, that are painted with detailed representational imagery.

  6. The Bird Merchant • The Bird Merchant was completed in 1991. The materials Kurt used werecastporcelain and china paint. Courtesy of the Kamm Teapot Foundation. There are several series of globe-like objects, irregularly shaped, almost amorphous variations of spheres with paintings on their surface depicting continents, animals and people in juxtapositions that carry multi-leveled musings on the natural world.

  7. Outdoor life • Outdoor life was made in the year 2000, Kurt also used castporcelainto make this artwork. It is a Collection of Sandra Schwalb. The paintings, inspired by the styles of old master paintings, depict allegories and scenes related to the relationship of man and nature. They are painted in a painstaking china painting technique that requires careful planning of the order and placement of colors, the application of overglazing and multiple firings.

  8. SemiConscious • SemiConscious was made in 2002 using the same material, castporcelain and china paint. Thisis a Collection of MarvinGerstin. Some of his pieces are almost straightforward vessels — vases or jars that look as though they could be functional. Others are skewed away from functionality in a way that leaves no doubt that this object only exists as an art object.

  9. POT 1 • I liked the theConfidentialpiece and what inspires me is the theform of the pot. I would like to make a pinchpotbecause i would like to make my pot round butverythin

  10. POT 2 • I really like the shapes of the pots that Kurt gives. I preferdoing a round-shapedpotthan a squaredpot. It really inspires me the colors and techniques that he uses.

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