Euclid Ohio Metal Recycling Services
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Best metal recycling firms provide great opportunity to earn money. The economic benefits of Euclid Ohio metal recycling indicate that it is a significant income generator and makes up a part of the $64 billion that metal recycling brings to the US every year.

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Euclid ohio metal recycling services

Euclid Ohio Metal Recycling Services

What is Ohio metal recycling? Metal recycling in Ohio is a process taken on by scrap

metal entrepreneurs in the area also often called scrap metal collectors.

The recycling metal industry in Ohio is not to be dismissed, as it plays a significant role

in ensuring that scarce metal resources are maintained and are only used when


It can’t be overemphasized that scrap metal recycling is extremely important and is very

beneficial. It plays a significant role in

supporting both positive economic and

environmental outcomes for businesses

and communities alike. It is successful in

ensuring scrap metal is not sent to landfills,

and provides the basic raw material for

new products. Metal recycling has a low

carbon footprint and is a much more

efficient way of using metal than getting it

from its raw material source.

The economic benefits of Euclid Ohio metal recycling indicate that it is a significant

income generator and makes up a part of the $64 billion that metal recycling brings to

the US every year.

It should not be overlooked that there are two main scrap metal categories. First is

ferrous metal, while the second is nonferrous metal. Ferrous metals all contain an

important percentage of iron while non-ferrous metals do not contain any iron at all.

Nonferrous scrap includes aluminum, lead, copper, nickel, zinc, tin and others.

Retrieving Scrap Metal

Collecting scrap metal can begin with scrap metal collectors who will retrieve small

quantities from anyone who has some surplus to requirements and sell it to interested

Ohio metal recycling scrap yards and any other businesses that can make use of scrap

metal. There are many community initiated scrap metal programs that include recycling,


In 2010, ferrous metal weighing 54 million metric tons and non ferrous metal weighing

8.2 metric tons was recycled. Generally, the

amount of ferrous metals recovered exceeds

nonferrous metals, which creates a lot of

revenue for businesses. Recycled nonferrous

scrap, which includes copper, aluminum,

lead, tin, zinc, nickel and others, is reused by

U.S. secondary metal processors as well as at

least 100 other countries throughout the


Euclid ohio metal recycling services

Nonferrous metal scrap comes from consumer, industrial and commercial sources,

which include copper and precious metal sources that are found in electronic units, auto

batteries and vehicle radiators, soda containers, airplane parts and aluminum siding

amongst other things.

Top categories for nonferrous scrap metal that is recycled includes

Aluminum weighing 4.6 million metric tons

Copper weighing in at 1.8 million metric tons

Lead weighing 1.2 million metric tons

Zinc weighing 162,000 metric tons

Stainless steel and nickel weighing 2 million tons.

Scrap metal recycling has been recognized for a long period of time as an efficient way of

getting metal rather than the mining and the processing of new ore. Recycling metal is

high because it attracts a reasonable rate of return.

The Euclid Ohio metal recycling rate for common goods is as follows

Appliances: 90%

Steel cans: 66.8 %

Structural steel: 98%

Reinforcement steel: 70%