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Dr Michelle Reid, University of Reading

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Helping students to manage their time effectively. Dr Michelle Reid, University of Reading. Overview of session. What time management challenges do university students face? 3 Ps – three crucial areas of time management Sharing strategies

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dr michelle reid university of reading

Helping students to manage their time effectively

Dr Michelle Reid, University of Reading

overview of session
Overview of session
  • What time management challenges do university students face?
  • 3 Ps – three crucial areas of time management
  • Sharing strategies
  • Useful resources – LearnHigher website, video resources and year planners
avoiding your time sponges
Avoiding your time sponges

On a post-it note:

Write down one of your time sponges (e.g. facebook, emails, talkative colleagues)

Pass the post-it to someone next to you and they write a suggestion for avoiding that distraction

time management at university
Time management at university
  • Modular degrees - simultaneous deadlines
  • 2nd / 3rd year can be more challenging transitions
  • More outside commitments - paid work, desire to enhance CV
  • Less independent - more reliant on parents
  • Travel time - commuting / living at home
  • Wider variety of distractions - online time sponges

Almost all students have to adapt their strategies

learnhigher research into student time management
LearnHigher research intostudent time management
  • Planning methods need to be flexible
  • Prioritising often more of an issue than planning
  • Procrastination causes greatest anxiety
  • Formats need to be visual - help students visualise their time usage
  • Flexibility and multi-use more important than being technologically advanced
  • Peer advice and strategies often more engaging
  • Being informed (knowing deadlines, where to find info, visible plans) underpins planning
  • Often students believe planning must be rigid
  • Adapt to suit learning styles / ways of working
  • Build in catch-up time and flexibility
  • Different levels – quick fix, short term, long term
  • Model breaking down project into stages

The key concept to managing time at university:

  • Students often don’t realise they can’t (and aren’t expected) to do everything
  • Have to be selective – based on personal goals
  • Different learning styles lead to different

priorities and use of time

  • Students need to justify their decisions to themselves
  • What are the consequences if I don’t do this?
  • Lack of confidence about study practices
  • Overwhelm - failing to plan for multiple deadlines
  • Distractions - socialising, too many commitments
  • Poor concentration - unsuitable study conditions or times
  • Inability to prioritise - failure to identify goals
  • Persistent procrastination - perfectionism or low-self esteem
sharing strategies
Sharing strategies

In small groups:

1) Go to one of the A1 sheets (Planning , Prioritising, Procrastination)

2) Discuss any strategies and resources you have used to help your students in this area

  • Write them on the sheet
  • After 5 mins – move to the next sheet – do the same again and add to the list of strategies
time management resources
Time management resources

LearnHigher tutor video resources:


LearnHigher website:


LearnHigher Folding Year Planners:


ASK (Assignment Survival Kit):


University of Reading Study Advice website:



Michelle Reid