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Digital Steel International: Important Aspects to Know Befor PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Steel International: Important Aspects to Know Befor

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Digital Steel International: Important Aspects to Know Befor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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digital steel international

Digital Steel International

Important Aspects to Know Before Constructing a Steel Building

about digital steel international

About Digital Steel International

Digital Steel International is the one of the renowned and pioneering steel company in Fresno, California, which deals in various kind of Steel and metal work. Digital Steel International is the one stop shop for all of your metal needs.

what david key says about steel

What David Key says about Steel?

David Key, President and CEO of Digital Steel International, says that technology is changing the way builders frame their facilities. Engineered business, this is the term I use to denote the businesses which are using high tech steel based manufacturing facilities. These businesses are using the latest in technology at a minimal cost. Steel has given them advantages of durability and attractiveness. A variety of applications can use steel including gyms, schools, churches, factories, retail shops and many more. Steel has become mandatory and an irreplaceable option for all of them.

“Steel is a resource that is truly untapped and has become the material of choice for the building industry”, says Key. There are so many engineering companies and steel vendors who are providing pre-fabricated and pre-drafted steel frame structures. They offer customized options which can fit any requirement and need.

things to know before the big deal

Things to Know Before the big Deal

Where steel has become a standard solution for most commercial buildings, there are a couple of things you should consider before you sign on a dotted line and invest with your money in a vendor. You should see to it that the vendor has a solid reputation and has experience in providing pre-fabricated steel for various applications. The vendor should have adequate resources to fulfill the constant changes in building code requirements. Their delivery system should be intact and free of any loop holes. The steel company should have the proper staff to prepare, plan, pre-assemble and implement a typical steel delivery of various structures and configurations. Your vendor should be able to provide you a 2D or 3D digital view of your building so that you can see how the infrastructure will be secured with strong bracings and steel framing.

“Steel will continue to be the material of choice for builders” says Key. Digital Steel International is taking steel framing to a new level.

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