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The UK Digital Marketing Agency That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level PowerPoint Presentation
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The UK Digital Marketing Agency That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

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The UK Digital Marketing Agency That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level
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The UK Digital Marketing Agency That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

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  1. DIGITAL SEARCH GROUP DIGITAL SEARCH GROUP The Leading Digital Marketing Service Provider The Leading Digital Marketing Service Provider in in the UK the UK COMPANY OVERVIEW COMPANY OVERVIEW Digital Search Group is a digital marketing agency in helping businesses to grow into a new level. We are comprised of professionals with expertise in the different fields of digital marketing. Our experts will guide you on how to take advantage of different online platforms to improve your business’ brand awareness by connecting you to the right audience. SERVICES OFFERED SERVICES OFFERED Digital Search Group provides tailor made, cost effective solutions based on your business needs. As we work with you, we will share to you our knowledge so you have a clear understanding on the processes involved. We mainly provide services in digital marketing in London but we also cater to international clients. You can choose from the services we offer, as listed below: SEO Services SEO Services – Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services will help you in getting the full potential of your website. Our experts will make sure that your website will get the right traffic which will then convert into potential clients for your business. Local S Local SEO EO – Small businesses will benefit more from effective local SEO campaigns as small businesses tend to target potential clients in their local areas. Our local SEO services will help you in building your local reach and improving your business’ national exposure as well. Mobile SEO Mobile SEO – As more and more people are using smartphones to do searches, we offer clients with mobile SEO strategies that can help make their website mobile-friendly. This strategy is sure to take your online visibility to the next level.

  2. International SEO – We have a deep understanding requirements on a multi-regional and multilingual set up. This allows you to easily launch your business in the international market. Social Media Marketing Services Social Media Marketing Services – Social media has created a huge online community. We will help you in managing your social media accounts to easily capture the attention of the social media community towards your business. Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management – We provide online reputation management services to increase your customer’s trust in your brand. Keyword Research Keyword Research Services Services – We carefully select keywords that are relevant to your niche. By having relevant keywords, your website can easily attract visitors through search engine results. Content Marketing Content Marketing – We aim to create engaging, informative content to increase brand awareness and traffic conversion. Our content undergoes an extensive quality control process before being distributed to various websites. International SEO of Google’s

  3. DIGITAL SEARCH GROUP WEBSITE DIGITAL SEARCH GROUP WEBSITE A more detailed explanation on the services Digital Search Group offers is available through our website: Our website boasts an informative list of the services we provide to our clients. It also contains a link to our blog which contains tips, news, and other articles related to digital marketing. You can also read the testimonials provided to us by our valued clients so you can easily evaluate the quality of services we offer. HOW TO HOW TO GE GET A WEBSITE SEO ANALYSIS T A WEBSITE SEO ANALYSIS If you want to know about the status of your website, you can take advantage of our free SEO analysis tool available on our website. To access our tool, you can click the ‘Free SEO Analysis’ button on the top most part of our website.

  4. Or, you can click this link so you are redirected to the tool: Once you’ve clicked the link, you will see the ‘Digital Search Evaluator’ form as shown below. Complete the form by providing the necessary information. Once you’ve filled it out completely, click ‘Scan Now’ and wait for about 45 seconds for the results to appear. You will see the following pop-up as confirmation that the tool is scanning your website.

  5. When the scan is completed, another pop-up will appear showing the results of the analysis. You also have the option to download the SEO analysis result, by clicking on the ‘Download your Audit’ button as shown below. You can use the result as a basis for which areas of your site you need to fix. If you are not confident with what you are doing, you can always contact us. We will work with you in creating solutions and guide you in having a full understanding of the process that has to be done. CONTACT INFORMATION CONTACT INFORMATION Should you have any enquiries or concerns, you can contact us through the following contact details: Digital Search Group Ltd. Digital Search Group Ltd. 145-157 Saint John Street, London EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom Call: Call:+44 (0) 207 608 5091 or +44 (0) 208 816 8148 Fax: Fax:+44 (0) 208 711 6065 Enquiry Enquiry Email: Support Email: Support Facebook: Facebook: Digital Search Group Google Plus: Google Plus:Digital Search Group Limited Twitter: Twitter:Digital Search Group LinkedIn: LinkedIn:Digital Search Group - Digital Marketing Services London, UK Schedule: Schedule: Monday Monday - - Friday: Saturday Saturday – – Sunday: Friday: Sunday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM CLOSED