Closing the loop in digital marketing
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Closing The Loop In Digital Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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At Digital Marketing Sapiens, we create a closed-loop system for all of our campaigns and services. To us, this system seems obvious! However, when you are new to digital marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed by options and start taking action without an overarching plan.

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Closing the loop in digital marketing

Closing The Loop In Digital Marketing

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Closing the loop in digital marketing

  • Set Measurable Goals

  • Digital Marketing Sapiens begins any new project or client relationship by setting clear, measurable goals. We believe that you cannot know if a campaign qualifies as a success unless everyone agrees prior to starting what qualifies as success.

  • Do you want to increase your business’ Twitter following or have a certain number of people attend an event? While we may use the same tools, how we use them will be very different depending on which goal you accomplish.

Closing the loop in digital marketing

  • Design Informed Plans

  • Once a client’s goals are clear, we design a plan that is most likely to accomplish the stated goals. Often, our team’s past experiences inform how we go forward.

  • Digital Marketing Sapiens has run numerous campaigns on a diverse range of platforms. We regularly support those campaigns with landing pages or print materials as needed.

Closing the loop in digital marketing

  • Seek Approval From Clients

  • Once we have decided what digital marketing solutions are most likely to achieve your goals, Digital Marketing Sapiens seeks approval from our contacts within your business.

  • While we are experts in our field, we recognize that you know your audience best. Certain industries have audiences with different expectations than most.

Closing the loop in digital marketing

  • Implement The Plan Promptly

  • As soon as the plan meets our standards and receives your approval, we implement it in a timely manner. We strike while the iron is hot.

  • The internet moves FAST! For some industries, this is not an issue. Many healthcare specialists, for instance, know about any noteworthy changes in their field months or years in advance. Other fields, however, can see major changes in an instant. The entertainment industry, for instance, requires digital marketers to remain constantly vigilant. A recent victory, sports injury or scandal can shift audience’s focus in a split second.

Closing the loop in digital marketing

  • Measure The Results

  • Measuring results is the last step of our loop.

  • The final results are compared to the original, measurable goals to determine whether or not the plan was successful.

Closing the loop in digital marketing

  • Closing The Loop

  • Based on the above results, we close the loop by setting new goals. This closed-loop system allows Digital Marketing Sapiens to build on each service or campaign to ensure each effort builds on the last to improve your business.

Closing the loop in digital marketing
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