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E-Waste Disposal: Dump or Recycle? PowerPoint Presentation
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E-Waste Disposal: Dump or Recycle?

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E-Waste Disposal: Dump or Recycle? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer waste disposal is a debatable topic. Though dumping is convenient, it is always better to recycle it as it will save the environment, keep your privacy intact and allows you to use the useful resources left which won\'t be possible with dumping. http://bit.ly/2nPx2FK

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dump dump





Dumping seems like a convenient option as it

means that your don’t have to search for a

service that will do this for you but dumping

has some serious implications for our


Recycling means searching out a service that

can dispose of your computers or other e-

waste material for you. These services can

often offer you a pick up service.

Recycling is..

Safer for your privacy

Safer for our environment

Beneficial to the re-use of precious


Dumping is..


Dangerous for our environment

Wasteful of resources that could still be


So let me do the hard work for you and tell you about an e-waste service you can use..




Ph: (02) 9607 6159

: (02) 9607 6159

Hoxton: E

Hoxton: E- -Waste Specialists

Waste Specialists