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Zionism, Poland, Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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Zionism, Poland, Africa

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Zionism, Poland, Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zionism, Poland, Africa. Zionism. Attempt to recreate a Jewish homeland Jewish populations were all over Europe Poland, Central and Eastern Europe Russia Ukraine

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Presentation Transcript
  • Attempt to recreate a Jewish homeland
  • Jewish populations were all over Europe
    • Poland,
    • Central and Eastern Europe
    • Russia
    • Ukraine
  • Zionism was more of a religious movement, but persecution turned to a political movement and Jewish leaders pushed for a country for Jews near modern Israel.
  • Poland’s Nationalistic movement failed in early 1800
  • 1772- Russia, Prussia and Austria divided portions of Poland into their countries
  • 1790- Russia took more territory
  • Poland fought back, and thoroughly lost to Russia and Prussia
  • The country of Poland disappeared from the map until 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles
  • Many states in Africa were created as a haven for Muslims
  • Muslims invaded other African states converting the people to Islam
  • Much of the African states were created with religion as the basis for government
egyptian loss of independence
Egyptian Loss of Independence
  • Although it’s part of Africa, Egypt attempted to model its independence and industrialization from Europe
  • It failed at both
  • European colonialism swallowed Egypt, taking away their independence
europe s egyptian colonialism
Europe’s Egyptian Colonialism
  • 1789-Napoleon invades
  • 1801- Ottoman Empire and Britain drive France out
  • 1803- Britain withdraws troops
  • Ottoman sultan leaves Cavalry commander in charge of Egypt
  • He single handedly modernized and industrialized Egypt
  • The Textile Industry took hold and became one of the biggest industries in southern Europe
  • The commander made cotton a cash crop for the textile industry
  • Built irrigation systems to help cotton be grown year round
  • Built state schools to train administrators and officers for the government and economy
  • Created a government printing press