query health distributed population queries implementation group meeting n.
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Query Health Distributed Population Queries Implementation Group Meeting

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Query Health Distributed Population Queries Implementation Group Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Query Health Distributed Population Queries Implementation Group Meeting. November 22, 2011. Agenda. Where we are going Weekly Summary Clinical Operations Technical Important Announcements Open Discussion / Next Steps. Query Health Where We are. Query Health Meeting Time Reminders.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Where we are going
  • Weekly Summary
    • Clinical
    • Operations
    • Technical
  • Important Announcements
  • Open Discussion / Next Steps
query health meeting time reminders
Query Health Meeting Time Reminders

Implementation Group

Tuesdays 1:30pm-2:30pm EDT

Clinical Working Group

Wednesdays 12pm-1pm EDT

Operations Working Group

Thursdays 11am-12pm EDT

(Next Week: Wed, 11/30 at 10 am)

Technical Working Group

Thursday 2:00 pm-3:00 pm EDT

Technical Working Group

Face to Face Meeting

Tuesday, November 29th

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sign Up at


Download to your calendar at


clinical working group

Clinical Working Group

November 22, 2011

clinical working group update
Clinical Working Group Update
  • The Query Health Use Case was approved through consensus as of the 11/16 Clinical WG meeting
  • Congratulations go to Merideth Vida, Michael Buck, and all the committed members of the Query Health Clinical Working Group for this critical accomplishment.
  • We will now begin to transition into the Clinical Data Dictionary (also known as Query Health CIM) and Clinical Concept Mapping work

Next Steps:

    • Sign up to participate in the CIM and Clinical Concept Mapping activities by visiting the Clinical Working Group homepage
immediate next steps query health cim
Immediate Next Steps – Query Health “CIM”
  • Kickoff the CIM Overview on the next Clinical Working Group call
  • Review of existing technical foundation data models (focus on clinical content)
    • SHRINE (i2B2)
    • Mini-Sentinel (PopMedNet)
    • hQuery
  • Introduce the Clinical Data Dictionary Crosswalk
  • Schedule subject matter expert discussions (CEM, FHIM, etc..)
  • Tangible outcome we are looking for
    • A clinically-relevant, reusable and simple data dictionary with supporting documentation and models that can be used to support the Query Health Technical Foundation
immediate next steps clinical concept mapping
Immediate Next Steps – Clinical Concept Mapping
  • Setup Clinical Concept Mapping meeting time for early December kickoff
  • Outreach efforts to leading experts and organizations
    • Mayo Clinic (through Sharp-N Grant – Secondary Use of EHR Data)
    • Kaiser Permanente (CMT)
    • Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI)
      • Stan Huff and Chris Chute
  • Layout coordination plan and draft approach to move from concept to draft guidance
operations working group

Operations Working Group

November 22, 2011

key topics covered discussed
Key Topics Covered/Discussed
  • Held Panel Discussion with Summer Concert Series presenters from PopMedNet, i2b2/SHRINE, and DARTNet which focused on:
    • Legal challenges around data use and data sharing
    • Data validity
    • Governance
operations workgroup next steps
Operations Workgroup Next Steps
  • Next Steps
    • Determine priorities for the Operation WG based on discussion with Summer Concert Series participants
    • Kickoff Query Health Pilots Subteam activities
      • Please feel free to sign up for the Pilots Subteam work through the Operations Working Group page.
technical working group

Technical Working Group

November 22, 2011

technical wg update
Technical WG Update
  • Technical WG F2F on 11/29/2011
  • Purpose:
    • To solidify the details of the Query Health technical foundation and start creating a roadmap for recommending standards and creating a robust reference implementation.
    • Scheduled for 11/29/2011 8am – 5pm
      • Capital Gallery
      • 600 Maryland Ave, SW,
      • Suite 850E, Washington, DC 20024
    • Register at: http://wiki.siframework.org/Query+Health+Technical+WG+F2F+Nov+29+2011
      • - Add your name to the list of participants
    • Expect participants to fly in on 11/28, conference room available on 11/28/2011 in case we want to have any meetings.
proof of concept update
Proof Of Concept Update
  • Proof Of Concepts Page:
  • http://wiki.siframework.org/Query+Health+Proof+of+Concepts
  • - PopMedNet, i2B2 and hQuery POC
      • http://wiki.siframework.org/PopMedNet+i2B2+and+hQuery+POC
  • - DIRECT and FlatFile based Approach
      • http://wiki.siframework.org/Query+Health+DIRECT+and+FlatFile+based+POC
    • Please sign up on the wiki pages if you wish to participate actively in the proof of concepts or propose a new proof of concept and lead it.
proof of concept update popmednet i2b2 hquery
Proof Of Concept Update- PopMedNet, i2B2, hQuery
  • Demo network being setup by PopMedNet
  • Provide access to participants to create and experiment with queries and play the role of researchers, data mart administrators etc.
  • PopMedNet working on how to interface i2B2 and hQuery to their network
    • Start with i2B2 and extend to hQuery
  • Source Code and Design Documents received from PopMedNet/Lincoln Peak
    • Trying to figure out the best approach to make it available.
proof of concept update demo of direct flat file based approach
Proof Of Concept Update- Demo of DIRECT Flat File Based Approach
  • Steve Beller from National Health Data Systems Inc.
  • http://wiki.siframework.org/Query+Health+DIRECT+and+FlatFile+based+POC
query analysis updates
Query Analysis Updates
  • http://wiki.siframework.org/Query+Health+-+Query+and+Data+Model+Analysis
    • Keith Boone doing work on Query Conversions from standards notation to implementation notations
      • EMF/HQMF to hQuery conversion leading to Java Script
      • EMF/HQMF to SQL conversion
next steps
Next Steps
  • Register for F2F on 11/29
  • Register for Proof of Concept teams
    • Participate and help in creating the various proof of concepts
  • Query Analysis
    • Complete Query Analysis and help implement the queries in the proof of concepts
    • Need to determine the lessons learned from Keith’s work on query conversions
important announcements
Important Announcements
  • Clinical Working Group Activities underway (OPEN TO ALL)
    • Clinical Information Model (CIM)
    • Clinical Concept Mapping
  • Operations Working Group Activities underway (OPEN TO ALL)
    • Pilots Sub-Work Group
  • Over 50 participants attended the Query Health Training at the ONC All Grantees meeting.