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Early Intervention for Young Drug Users Project Partners Cyprus Anti Drug Council

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Early Intervention for Young Drug Users Project Partners Cyprus Anti Drug Council - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early Intervention for Young Drug Users Project Partners Cyprus Anti Drug Council Cyprus Police Ministry of Health With the support of the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus . The FreD goes net…….

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Presentation Transcript

Early Intervention for Young Drug Users

Project Partners

Cyprus Anti Drug Council

Cyprus Police

Ministry of Health

With the support of the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus

the fred goes net
The FreD goes net……..
  • FreD goes net is the transfer to Europe and continued development of the German Federal pilot project “FreD” – Early intervention for First time noticed Young Drug Users.
  • The project has 19 partners from 17 European countries, members of European Union. They are defined as either “pilot” or “associated partners”, depending on their degree of involvement and implementation.
from fred to fred goes net
From FreD to FreD goes net…..
  • FreD was developed in Germany in the late 1990s.
  • General aim  to tackle the growing incidence of drug consumption in youngsters and reducing drug addiction in the future.
  • Parameters
    • Young offenders – high risk population.
    • Youngsters’ denial to accept help.
    • Failure of the national system to support this problematic population.
the intervention
The intervention……
  • Selective Prevention Program
  • The project aims on providing adolescents, who have been noticed for the first time in connection with their problematic use of addictive substances (especially by the police, but also at school or on the job), with early intervention measures in order to protect them from sliding into a dependency.
objectives of the course
Objectivesof the course......
  • to broaden their knowledge about drugs and the consequences
  • to incite reflection on their own use
  • to encourage self awareness and awareness through others, risk assessment and self responsibility
  • (in cases) to trigger changes in attitude and behaviour towards drug consumption
  • to gain knowledge of operating services in the national drug therapeutic system
the evaluation of the program in germany 2000 2004
The evaluation of the program in Germany (2000-2004)…..
  • Acceptance of the program
    • 78.3% completed the program
      • 94% believe the program was helpful
      • 73% recommended the program to others
  • Consumption behavior
    • 67% changed their attitude of personal drug consumption
    • 51% stop using illegal drugs
    • Only 5% re-offended
the implementation in cyprus
The implementation in Cyprus…..

FreD goes net grew from the interest expressed by various European countries for the transfer of the successfully evaluated German FreD project.

  • National Coordination

Cyprus Anti Drug Council

  • Co-operation Partners
    • Cyprus Police ( Drug Law Enforcement Unit)
      • All over Cyprus
    • Ministry of Health ( Mental Health Services)
      • “PERSEAS” ( Nicosia, Larnaka and Famagusta)
      • “PROMITHEAS” ( Limassol and Paphos)
  • Implementation period

November 2007 – October 2010

cooperation agreement between a d c d l e u and m h s
Cooperation Agreement between A.D.C, D.L.E.U and M.H.S……
  • Target group
  • Legal framework
  • Access path through the police
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Data protection
  • Competence and communication channels
target group
Target group…..

The program “FreD goes net” in Cyprus specifically address teenagers and youths age 14 to 24 only, who come to the notice of the police as a consequence of use or possession of illegal substances.

the legal framework
The legal framework…..

The pilot phase of the project is carried out on the basis of the following conditions (DLEU):

  • The offender has been arrested for a first time.
  • The seize quantity of drug is for personal use only.
  • The offender is legally responsible and not older than 24 years old.
the legal framework1
The legal framework…..
  • The offender has not offended according to the article 244 of the Criminal Law, during, before or after his/her arrest.
  • In case the offender follows the police recommendations and attends the program FreD goes net, upon the completion of the program, the DLEU will suggest to the Attorney General the dismissal of the case.
  • In case the offender has been found unsuitable for the program (intake interview), it is possible to be refer to a different program. In that case the DLEU will suggest to the Attorney General that the case will be temporarily suspended for a period of 2 years. Upon successful completion of the 2 years, the offender should return the participation certificate from any other therapeutic program, to the DLEU, who will suggest to the Attorney General that the case should be classified as “otherwise disposed of”.
the referral way to the course for the republic of cyprus
The referral way to the course for the Republic of Cyprus ..............

Course participation

Intake (appointment)

Alex is caught

certificate of participation

Referral to a different program.

Alex calls the project

Remand : police motivates Alex (within 72 hours)

DLEU suggest to the General Attorney to classify the case as “otherwise disposed of”.

DLEU proceed with the case against the offender at the court.

Police: offence charges + presentation for remand

certificate of participation
Certificate of participation……


IN THE “FreD goes net” PROGRAMME

With this document, I certify that ……………………………………………of………..……………………, date of birth……………………………………. and ID number…………………………………………….:

 Has completed the FreD goes net programme.

From ___/___/______ Until ___/___/______

and has participated at the

Intake interview 

Eight-hour group session 

 As a result of the intake interview, the person is recommended for participation in the programme …………………………………………………..

 Has not completed the FreD goes net programme.

-------------------------------- ------- ---------------------------------------

Date Scientific Co-ordinator

National Counselling Centre

for Adolescents and Family

The contents of this letter is protected by the provision of the Handling of Data of Personal nature (Protection of persons) Law 138/(I)2

protection of personal data
Protection of Personal Data…..

“Relevant Services involved in the FreD goes net programme have an obligation to collect and process personal data of the persons participating in the FreD goes net programme, in a legal and lawful manner according to the provisions and principles of the Handling of Data of Personal nature (Protection of persons) Law of 2001. The personal data of the participants at the FreD goes net programme, in no case should be made known to a third person.”

the implementation period till now
The implementation period till now…..

01 December 2008 – 31 August 2009

( 9 month period )

  • 100 youths have been noticed by the police and referred to the program.
  • 51 of them have completed successfully the program
  • 11 of them failed to complete the program.
  • 5 of them referred to a different therapeutic program.
  • 15 of them refused to have an intake interview.
the first 6 months evaluation cyprus documentation of user data
The first 6 months EvaluationCyprus’ Documentation of User Data
  • Number of courses completed: 7

(evaluation have been based at 5 )

  • Gender : all males
  • Average age of users: 20 years old
  • Housing situation: 68.8% live with parents
  • Current educational status: 63.6% at university
  • Job situation: 52.4% worker/ employee
  • Previous use of prof/nal services: 90.6% no
fred goes net first half cyprus documentation of user data
FreD goes net ( first half)Cyprus’ Documentation of User Data

DRUG USE of the participants in a lifetime

Alcohol use : 90.3%

Cannabis use: 96.9%

Stimulants use: 16.1%

Sedatives use: 9.7%

Hallucinogens use: 16.7%

Cocaine/ crack use: 32.3%

Heroin use: 3.2%

Inhalants use: 10%

fred goes net first half cyprus survey of course participants
FreD goes net ( first half)Cyprus’ Survey of course participants


How satisfied you are with “FreD goes net”?

68% very satisfied

Would you recommend “FreD goes net” to your friends?

95.8% yes


“Participation was important to me” 64%

“Participation improved my level of knowledge” 84%

“Participation has changed my attitude” 56%

“I intend to consume less drugs” 52%

“I intend to stop taking drugs” 44%

“I’m better equipped to deal with problems” 68%

“I know where to get professional support” 96%

“I intend to make some changes with my life” 60%

the next step and the outcome
The next step and the outcome….
  • FreD goes net pilot phase will be completed on the 30th of January 2010.
  • An evaluation will be contacted for the pilot phase period on Spring 2010.
  • The successful establishment of the evaluated selective prevention program FreD goes Net in Cyprus.
  • The dissemination of the program and its establishment in other environments e.g school environment.
  • The reduction of use between young people.
  • The reduction of criminality and social cost.

Maria Peglitsi

Cyprus Anti Drugs Council

Strasbourg, September 2009