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  1. WHO AM I ?

  2. People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.

  3. Knowledge, self-awareness, potential http://www.slideshare.net/jetyog/personality-tests

  4. temperament!!! What are my natural tendencies and preferences?

  5. Millions have taken the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their preferred styles of expression and behavior. Understanding these things will provide you with another tool in the never-ending quest to better understand yourself and how you interact with those around you. Having greater insight into your personality can influence your choice of strategies for learning , your choice of career, and other aspects of living!

  6. Our personalities shape how we interpret and react to events and they help create situations to which we react (Myers 2008). What animal are you?Eagle - As eagles like to soar over their domain, eagle personalities like to be competent in their area of interest. They are creative problem-solvers and global thinkers. Rational, logical and clinical, they like to run their own race and use their considerable organisational skills to motivate and lead others.Dolphin -The dolphin smile says it all. Dolphins strive to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere around them. They are sensitive, imaginative, creative and kind-hearted. Dolphins are often drawn to the caring professions. Unassuming themselves, they like to motivate and support others to be the best they can possibly be. Wombat -Wombats are the ‘solid as a rock’ type. They are organised and good with detail. Reliable, determined and diligent, wombats will deliver on time, all the time. They prefer routine and clear expectations. Wombats can find change unsettling and prefer the status quo. They are good team players and strong leaders. Kangaroo - Kangaroos need plenty of action, variety and fun. Their natural inclination is to play. If they are not enjoying what they are doing they will find it difficult to conform. Kangaroos have a low tolerance of boredom and will create diversions to liven things up. They are happiest left to follow their own path. http://www.kidsonthecoast.com.au/BlogRetrieve.aspx?BlogID=2125&PostID=44385

  7. Modern psychologists and communication theorists have devised a variety of methods to classify • temperament, intelligence, and learning styles. These concepts and tools are aids to understanding • overall personality, preferences and strengths – which will often be a mixture in each individual person. Multiple Intelligences - Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory This simple grid diagram illustrates Howard Gardner's model of the seven Multiple Intelligences at a glance. http://www.businessballs.com/howardgardnermultipleintelligences.htm

  8. Learning stylesinfluence the way we take in, process, and absorb information. Your learning style also affects the way you act in a group, relate to others, solve problems and carry out tasks.

  9. http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/ICT+and+LEARNING+STYLES

  10. http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/ICT+and+LEARNING+STYLES

  11. Many aspects to me Another interesting assessment tool!!!!!

  12. The different temperaments learn best with their preferred environment and activities. When disseminating information it is often necessary to adapt environments, communication methods and conditions to cater for a variety of individuals. http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/ICT+and+LEARNING+STYLES