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Outreach by Design: Creating and Managing Your Toolkit PowerPoint Presentation
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Outreach by Design: Creating and Managing Your Toolkit

Outreach by Design: Creating and Managing Your Toolkit

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Outreach by Design: Creating and Managing Your Toolkit

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Presentation Transcript

  1. 2012 AHEAD Conference Outreach by Design: Creating and Managing Your Toolkit Disability Services

  2. Disability Services 2012 AHEAD Conference Outreach by Design: Creating and Managing Your Toolkit Susan A. Aase, J.D., M.S.Ed. Cynthia Fuller, Ph.D., L.P. Gracie Hyland, M.Ed. Linda Wolford, M.S. July 11, 2012

  3. Disability Services Video

  4. Agenda • Introduction/Overview • Outreach Toolkit • Presentations and Trainings • Orientations and Resource Fairs • Events • Marketing and Messaging • Wrap-Up/Evaluation

  5. Learning Outcomes • Have an opportunity to assess your outreach efforts. • Take home strategies for conceptualizing, developing, implementing, and evaluating effective outreach. • Acquire marketing, education, and training tools that can help you assemble your outreach toolkits. Types of Disabilities

  6. Outreach by Design Your Outreach Experiences

  7. A 5x6 graph titled “Outreach Design Template” is shown on the middle of the screen. Columns across the top read: “type”, “dates”, “staff”, “logistics” and “partners”. Rows along the side read: “Presentations/trainings”, “orientations/resource fairs”, “events”, and “marketing/messaging”.

  8. Household Toolkit Tape measurer Hammer A picture of an open toolbox which shows various tools inside. Pliers Nail

  9. Green folder labeled “Presentations and trainings”. Presentations and Trainings Outreach Toolkit Yellow folder labeled “Orientation and Resource Fairs”. Orientations and Resource Fairs A manila folder labeled “Outreach Toolkit” is pictured open with 4 arrows leading to different colored folders which list different outreach categories. Outreach Toolkit Light green folder labeled “Events”. Events Maroon folder labeled “Marketing and Messaging”. Marketing and Messaging

  10. Presentations and Trainings • Design • Assess needs • Determine content • Select methods

  11. Sample Toolkit Training Modules • DS Mission • Social Justice Model • Access Environments • Case Scenarios • Disability-Specific Content • Media • Activities

  12. Presentations and Trainings • Deliver • Assess facilities and equipment • Share agenda • Engage audience • Use Presentation Outline (Minute-by-Minute)

  13. A screen shot of a template is shown. On the header of the template it has 3 spaces at the top listed Title”, “Date/Time/Location”, and “Presenters”. Within the template there are 5 categories: “Min”, “ Time”, “Activity”, “who” and “materials.” This template is an example of something a staff person may use to develop a minute by minute schedule for a presentation.

  14. Presentations and Trainings • Evaluate • Obtain feedback (immediate and delayed) • Process results • Incorporate results into future planning

  15. A document titled “Program Evaluation” is shown on the screen. Reference handouts for electronic copy.

  16. Orientations and Resource Fairs • Student Orientations • Faculty and Employee Orientations • Resource Fairs A photo of the U of M’s Diversity Resource handout available on campus. On the handout there is a picture of a tall bridge shaped into a “M” in maroon and gold colors. “Thrive” is written vertically on the right side of the photo. A picture on the university of Minnesota campus of students moving into dorms. There is a picture of the mascot “Goldy the Gopher” on a poster in the picture located on the left side of the screen. The poster reads “Welcome Home!”

  17. Events • Signmark • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Day • Mental Health Awareness Day • Social Justice Film Festival • Access Achievement Awards A picture in front of Northrup Hall at the University of Minnesota shows a camera filming Signmark, a deaf rapper.

  18. Marketing and Messaging • Campaigns • Websites • Videos • Displays: Banners, Signs • Brochures: Compelling Facts Card • Give-Aways • Newsletters • Reports Kelly Blankenship, a U of M women's hockey player, is pictured by the ice arena. A snap shot of the U of M Disability Resources page is shown. The opening page of the website shows the “faces of disability” campaign. Rachel Garaghty, a graduate student, is pictured in her wheelchair.

  19. Wrap-Up Questions?

  20. Evaluation Thank you for your participation! Please complete the evaluation.

  21. Thank You! Susan A. Aase, J.D., M.S.Ed. Associate to the Director and Outreach Coordinator, Disability Services 612-624-2993 Cynthia Fuller, Ph.D., L.P. Associate Director, Student Services, Disability Services 612-626-8427 Gracie Hyland, M.Ed. Associate Education Specialist, Student Services, Disability Services 612-626-9459 Linda Wolford, M.S. Manager, Student Services, Disability Services 612 -626-1333