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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy. How to Develop and Promote Content that Generates New Busine $$. My Goal Today: Give You Good Content About Good Content. Developing a content strategy Developing content that is valued Promoting your valued content

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developing a content marketing strategy

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

How to Develop and Promote Content that Generates New Busine$$

my goal today give you good content about good content
My Goal Today: Give You Good Content About Good Content
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Developing content that is valued
  • Promoting your valued content
  • Guiding Principle: “If you cannot explain something simply, you don’t understand it.”
  • Good content should be elegantly simple
  • Elegantly simple Q&A time at the end
why content is king
Why Content Is King
  • 80 percent of business decision-makers trust articles more than advertisements
  • 70 percent say content marketing makes them feel more affinity for the content sponsor
  • 20 percent of Internet time is spent surfing for content
  • Fresh and popular content increases SEO
  • Source: Stephen Fairley “23 Reasons Why Content Marketing Matters”
content marketing overall strategy
Content Marketing: Overall Strategy
  • Focus on what you love and do well
  • Better to do a little well than a lot badly
  • Define target audience & how to reach them
  • Learn what your audience values in content
  • Develop content for audience wants/industry
  • Use delivery channels the audience tunes into
  • Share and coordinate content and messaging internally to boost yield and reduce conflict
content clients value
Content Clients Value
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Website Content
  • “Value Added” Content
  • Advertorials
  • Content about Clients
  • Content about Alums
  • Biographical Profiles
  • Video Content
  • Partnered Content
  • Case Studies
1 blogs
1. Blogs
  • Over 50% say blogs can influence hiring
  • Blogs increase SEO and press opportunities
  • Substance: Be Timely and Practical
  • Ideas: Look at other blogs, sites and trade pubs
  • Provide links to other authorities
  • Length: 300 to 600 word average
  • Frequency: ideally twice a week or more
  • Try: list articles; how to; anniversary stories; opinion pieces; demystifying posts; news analysis
2 newsletters
2. Newsletters
  • Be timely
  • Be topical
  • Be practical
  • Be brief for executives
  • Be regular in publication
3 white papers
3. White Papers
  • Authoritative “thought leadership” reports
  • Originated as government/academic public policy proposals
  • Churchill White Paper of 1922
  • True white paper is meaty, footnoted and aimed at a particular issue or problem
  • Can be about a new product or service or new approach to solving an issue or problem
  • You can Google “white paper” on any topic
4 website content
4. Website Content
  • Value Propositions
  • Mission and Values Statements
  • Service Pledges
  • Story Content
  • Case Studies
  • Additional resource links to helpful info
5 value added content
5. Value-added Content
  • “How to” booklets
  • Books that act as “on the shelf” guides
  • Reference lists for self-help
  • Management checklists
  • Operational checklists
  • Other short and practical summaries
6 advertorials
6. Advertorials
  • Advertising content that looks editorial
  • Often like short white papers
  • Sometimes in story form about a deal or event
  • Sometimes co-branded
  • Written professionally, not by staff writers
  • Can sometimes be placed regionally in national publications
7 content about clients
7. Content About Clients
  • Stories about clients in firm newsletters
  • Stories about clients on Websites
  • Stories or profiles of client executives
  • Often look at why clients are successful
  • Often give readers both fun and practical info
  • Can be a chance for smaller clients to connect with lots of potential customers or contacts
8 content about alumni
8. Content About Alumni
  • Can be profiles or success stories
  • Chance to feature alumni & build connections
  • Look to feature alums who are CFOs, CEOs, etc
  • Alumni of a firm can be great referral sources
  • Chance to connect your brand with a highly successful person in business
9 video content
9. Video Content
  • Webinars, podcasts, and Website videos
  • “How to” videos
  • “Forward looking” videos
  • Panel discussion videos with audience Q&A
  • Ego-driven talking head videos not popular
  • But short videos that go with bios OK
10 biographical profiles
10. Biographical Profiles
  • In some professional service fields, biographical profiles get the most site hits
  • Clients like to know who is serving them
  • Content might include: Professional experience; career highlights; publications and press; lectures and teaching; awards and recognitions; community involvement
  • Bold ones show some personal content about hobbies and passions to connect with clients
11 partnered content
11. “Partnered” Content
  • Insurance company and law firm desk guide to risk management and liability prevention
  • Patent brokers and IP law firm co-authoring an advertorial on how to find valuable IP licenses
  • Business management consulting firm and business publisher sponsoring white papers
12 case studies
12. Case Studies
  • Based on actual examples of superior service and results delivered to real clients
  • Used to illustrate creative solutions, efficiency, collaboration and ability to work under pressure
  • Usually not more than a page
  • Broken into “bits:” client problem; objective; complicating challenge; solution; results.
how to promote your content
How to Promote Your Content
  • Traditional media via;;
  • Trade pubs, such as Accounting Today
  • In collateral materials
  • Linked-In / groups
  • Twitter / hash tags
  • Via your blog
  • Other SM, such as FB, Google Plus, Wikipedia
  • Send to “connectors” w/good Klout scores
  • Content sites dedicated to your profession
  • At seminars/meetings
  • On your Website
  • Via direct mail