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DESIGNATED MEDICAL PROVIDER. North Dakota RMWCP Designated Medical Provider Program. Your employer, the state of North Dakota, is concerned about protecting your safety and health while you are on the job. However, despite the best health and safety efforts, accidents will occur.

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north dakota rmwcp designated medical provider program
North Dakota RMWCP Designated Medical Provider Program
  • Your employer, the state of North Dakota, is concerned about protecting your safety and health while you are on the job. However, despite the best health and safety efforts, accidents will occur.
  • If you should be injured on the job, an effective Designated Medical Provider (DMP) team approach will provide you the highest quality of care.
  • The State’s DMP teams coordinate care and communications between you, your employer, the medical provider, and Workforce Safety and Insurance.
what is a designated medical provider
What is a Designated Medical Provider?
  • A DMP is a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and nurse case managers who are specialists in the field of occupational medicine.
  • The team is specially trained to evaluate workplace injuries and develop appropriate treatment plans that include using the job as part of the recovery process.
  • The team members’ training is occupational medicine. The members’ knowledge of the workers compensation system enhances the implementation of reasonable accommodations for the injured worker and positively impacts the healing process. In other words, they will help you recover more quickly and completely.
what is occupational medicine
What is Occupational Medicine?
  • Occupational medicine is the specialty devoted to the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injury, illness and disability, and the promotion of the health and productivity of workers, their families, and communities.
where are these dmps located
Where are these DMPs located?
  • The DMPs selected by the State have established networks of clinics across the State that allow clinic physicians to be in touch with an offsite occupational medicine physician and with the nurse case managers. Their experience in treating workplace injuries and their ability to provide quality care following the injury are the reason they have been chosen to fill this role.
will they know what type of work i do
Will they know what type of work I do?
  • The selected DMPs have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with your workplace, the type of work you do, and are available to communicate with you and your employer on a regular basis.
shouldn t i see my specialist if i have a pre existing medical condition
Shouldn’t I see my specialist if I have a pre-existing medical condition?
  • Because you are currently seeing a specialist for a medical condition, you understand the importance of seeking treatment from a specialist for a workplace injury, the foundation for this program.
  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you would tell the occupational medical specialist about your condition and concerns. He or she will treat you accordingly and will refer you to your specialist should that be necessary.
  • This program would be similar to how you would be treated in case you were involved in an accident and required emergency treatment. You would be taken to the emergency room where you would be treated and then, if necessary, the ER doctor would consult with your specialist.
  • Consultation between specialties is routinely done. Remember the goal of all medical care is to provide you with the best treatment possible.
can i be referred to another provider
Can I be referred to another Provider?
  • You can be referred to another provider or specialist if that is required to provide you with the best possible care.
  • The State’s DMPs were chosen for the provider’s knowledge in the treatment of workplace injuries and his or her concern for your will-being.
  • The DMP is an independent care provider who does not work for the State or for Workforce Safety & Insurance.
  • We all want the best medical care possible and by selecting a specialist in occupational medicine, all state employees have the opportunity to receive quality care.
what if my injury is not work related
What if my injury is not work related?
  • Remember, this program only affects the treatment you receive as the result of a workplace injury. You would continue to see your private physician for any other type of medical treatment.
why would i want treatment from the state s dmp in place of treatment from my own physician
Why would I want treatment from the State’s DMP in place of treatment from my own physician?

The State has carefully selected DMPs who have systems in place to:

  • treat workplace injuries,
  • are familiar with workers compensation, and
  • have doctors who are trained in occupational medicine.
worker information
Worker Information
  • Your employer must display information about the DMP the employer has selected in a place where all workers can easily see it.
  • You may elect to select a different DMP to treat you in the event of an on-the-job injury but you must notify your employer of that selection prior to an injury occurring.
worker information1
Worker Information
  • Your agency Workers Compensation Contact will provide you with a form containing the name of the DMP your employer has selected. You must sign this form and return it to your employer. If you decide to select a different DMP, you would use that form to name the DMP you have selected. This process must be completed prior to an injury occurring.
where to seek care
Where to seek care
  • If the injury is an emergency, you can seek treatment from any doctor.
  • If your injury is not an emergency and your agency participates in the North Dakota RMWCP Designated Medical Provider Program designating a DMP to care for employees, you are required to see that DMP for medical care unless you had informed your employer, in writing, of a your selection of a different medical provider before the injury occurred. If you do not see your employer's designated medical provider or the medical provider you selected prior to the injury, and you choose to see yet a different medical provider at the time of injury, it may result in nonpayment of medical benefits and/or claim denial and you will be liable for the medical costs.

If your agency does not have a designated medical provider in place, you may seek treatment from the medical provider of your choice.

if you need further information contact
If you need further information contact:

Diane Waliser, Manager

Risk Management Workers Compensation Program

Tel: 701-328-7583

Fax: 701-328-7585