circuit conductor n.
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Circuit Conductor

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Circuit Conductor. James Kaleta CS 495. Overview.

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Circuit Conductor

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circuit conductor

Circuit Conductor

James Kaleta

CS 495


Circuit Conductor is a maze game based around the concept of electron flow traveling through a circuit. The player guides a “spark”, the visual representation onscreen of the head of the electron flow, through the circuit maze. The goal is to get the flow from the negative end of the power source through the wires to the positive end, thus completing the circuit.

primary game objects
Primary Game Objects
  • The player
  • Bad sparks
  • Light bulbs
power ups

By lighting up certain numbers of bulbs, the player can receive additional abilities:

  • At least 3 bulbs – (S)peed-up gives the player temporarily increased speed. Can be used simultaneously with any of the other abilities.
  • 4 or 5 bulbs – (D)efense gives the player temporary invincibility but will not harm enemies in collisions. Defense and Force Field cannot be used at the same time.
  • 6 or more bulbs – (F)orce Field gives the player a one-time shield against being hit by a spark. Unlike Defense, this will destroy the first spark that touches the player and has no effective time limit.
movement restriction
Movement Restriction

Based on ideas where tilemap tiles can be “open” or “blocked”, came up with potential ways to accomplish this:

  • Surround “open” tiles with “blocked” tiles & extend their area of effect.
  • Have tiny “blocked” tiles present in every “open” tile.
movement restriction contin d
Movement Restriction contin’d

Eventually decided to simply only allow game Objects to move in certain directions once placed on a tile since objects can only move in a very limited number of directions on each tile.

game states

Player quits







Player starts game

Player quits

Player reaches exit, levels remaining > 0


Game loop

Player reaches exit,

levels remaining = 0

Defenseless player runs into bad guy

Lives remaining > 0





Lives remaining = 0

Game States
game states contin d
Game States contin’d

Top level game loop uses a game state manager which contains a stack of game states. The GameState interface is implemented by classes representing the title screen, options screen, each level of the game, etc.

graphicsenvironment graphicsconfiguration
GraphicsEnvironment & GraphicsConfiguration
  • These classes can be used to return images in a format compatible with your graphics environment.
calamities disasters other conspiracies
Calamities, Disasters, & Other Conspiracies
  • Chest pains, aches, and breathing difficulties
  • CPU fan failure, replacement part 1 month
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Trip to Emergency Room

Positive outcome: Learnt better time management skills due to limitations from injury.