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Alfred Lee Loomis

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Alfred Lee Loomis. Education Yale Harvard - Law School Cum Laude . Established Loomis Laboratory in Tuxedo Park, New York, and funded scientific research for two decades after the stock market crash of 1929. Background.

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Alfred Lee Loomis

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alfred lee loomis
Alfred Lee Loomis



Harvard - Law School Cum Laude

Established Loomis Laboratory in Tuxedo Park, New York, and funded scientific research for two decades after the stock market crash of 1929.

  • Lieutenant Colonial during first World War in charge of development and experimentation.
  • He then became a millionaire as an investment banker as well as trading stocks
underground laboratory
Underground Laboratory
  • During the day Loomis did big business in the street
  • At night Loomis would work in his garage laboratory in Tuxedo Park, New York.
  • Loomis worked with a fellow war veteran Robert Wood on ultrasonic sound waves and spectrometry.
  • During this time he received patents on many inventions: Aberdeen chronometer, a microscope centrifuge, and a pressurized fire extinguisher
tuxedo park laboratory
Tuxedo Park Laboratory
  • Loomis worked with many famed scientists in his underground lab.
  • During the second World War Loomis funded many scientists with his wall street success.
  • Loomis expanded his lab into a nearby mansion now famed as The Tuxedo Park Laboratory.
war time
War Time
  • Loomis became a major figure in a technology that would soon be accredited for winning World War II. Radar.
  • The first practical radar system was produced in 1935 by the British physicist Sir Robert Watson-Watt.
  • Its main downfall was that it could not track small objects such as individual airplanes in the sky.
  • It was also neither compact enough to be mounted on planes nor accurate enough to be effective at night.
cavity magnetron
Cavity Magnetron
  • A few of America’s smartest men along with two British men gathered into Loomis’ Tuxedo Park Lab.
  • On September 29, 1940, the men put together a small box that they guaranteed would provide the power needed for a quality radar system.
  • 1,000x as much power at just a 10cm wavelength.
  • They called it the Cavity Magnetron
mit rad lab
MIT Rad Lab
  • Immediately following their finding 10 Nobel Prize laureates along with 4,000 workers came together at the MIT Radiation Laboratory and within 6 weeks built radar devices capable of detecting U-Boats, navigation and bombing, and air-to-air fighter interception.
  • Loomis invented and patented LORAN (Long Range Aid to Navigation)
  • A LORAN net, or chain, requires a master station, initiating the pulse, and a series of slave stations. In very simplified terms, the master transmits and the slave responds.
  • While it suffered from atmospheric effects it was very efficient on the sea. Thus providing efficient navigation for boats.
atomic bomb
Atomic Bomb
  • Many of the scientists involved in the development of RADAR later worked on the creation of nuclear weaponry.
  • It was said that “Radar won the war; the atomic bomb ended it”
  • Loomis had a major role in both technologies