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USA Country Partner Meeting. Edinburgh 29 November 2010. Agenda. 09:00 Welcome and North America Strategy 09:15 Working with the North America Team Webinars, Skype meetings, Virtual Exhibitions, Social Media 09:30    USA Update: State of the Market For-profit Education in the USA

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Usa country partner meeting

USA Country Partner Meeting


29 November 2010


  • 09:00 Welcome and North America Strategy

  • 09:15 Working with the North America Team

    • Webinars, Skype meetings, Virtual Exhibitions, Social Media

  • 09:30    USA Update: State of the Market

    • For-profit Education in the USA

    • Federal Aid

    • Tuition

    • Conferences 2011 + NAFSA

  • 10:00    Canada:

    • Overview

    • Euro Monitor Report on Canadian HE Marketplace

    • CBIE Conference in Calgary (October 2010)

  • 10:30    Coffee Break

  • 10:45 Fairs Update

  • 11:00 Break-out Groups and plenary feedback

  • 11:45 Research

    • Student Decision Making

    • Employability – external speaker

  • 12:45 Lunch/Close

  • Working with the north america team
    Working with the North America Team

    • Webinars

      • This month:

        • Newcomers to the USA Market

        • New Partnership Fund/Policy Dialogue

    • Skype

      • Contact:

      • Email to schedule a call

    • Surveys

      • Poll your fellow Country Partners for benchmarking

    • Virtual Exhibitions Update

    New media strategy
    New Media Strategy

    British Council USA Education UK Team

    British Council USA Education

    Audience can

    Interact with

    any or all


    • Logo Sources:






    What to expect
    What to expect

    • Information:

      • Clear

      • Relevant

      • Up-to-date

    • All sources interconnected across media

    • Daily updates to keep you informed

    • Content to include:

      • HE News updates

        • US

        • Canada

        • UK

        • International

  • Advice/ Opinion

  • Reports and Analysis

  • Best Practices

  • Usa state of the market us students studying abroad
    USA State of the Market: US Students Studying Abroad

    New Open Doors Data: November 2010

    • 260,327 US students studying abroad throughout the world in 2008/09 – decline of .08%

      • 12.7% of these went to the UK – the number one destination.

    • 31,342 American students studied abroad in the UK for academic credit in 2008/09

    • Early indications across US institutions show that reporting next year will reflect a rebound

    For profit higher education
    For-Profit Higher Education

    • Government Accountability Office (GAO) Investigation Summer ‘10

      • Some For-Profits engaged in fraudulent/deceptive practices to receive more federal money or applicants

      • Data from 16 For-Profit institutions show that more than half of students at For-Profits withdraw within two years.

    • Fed aid received disproportionate to the quality of the education?

    • Students at For-Profits represented 26% of borrowers and 43% of defaulters.

    • President of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, says this disregards the large number of non-traditional students that for-profits aid that nonprofits largely ignore.

    For profit education investigation
    For-Profit Education Investigation

    • Report by Senator Harkin: 95% of students take out loans to enroll in For-Profit education

      • Versus only 16% for Community Colleges

    • The next Senate HELP Committee investigation will occur in December and focus on the relationship between For-Profits and the military (Hearing 4)

    • Attorney General for Florida has opened an investigation of five for-profit institutions.

      • Includes misrepresentations on financial aid, deceptive recruiting strategies, and more.

      • Institutions: Argosy, Everest, Kaplan, MedVance Institute, and the University of Phoenix.

    Federal aid update
    Federal Aid Update

    • Changes Over the Last Year:

      • Legislative: The Health Care Bill from 2010 passed with amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965 that allowed ‘Foreign Schools’ to continue to receive Federal Student Aid

      • Administrative: Amendments were made to the regulatory language regarding the auditing process for ‘Foreign Schools’ adding administrative compliance costs to institutions

        • > $10M = Annual US GAAP Audit Process

        • $10M < $3M = ‘every three years’ (actually two out of three years)

    • What’s next?

      • British Council will continue to follow

    Tuition for higher education
    Tuition for Higher Education

    • Rules of gravity do not apply to tuition

    • Quiz: How many US institutions are now charging tuition of over $50,000/year?

      a. 50

      b. 100

      c. 300

    • What does this all mean for you?

    • Tuition (8% increase last year)

    • Government student aid

    • # of institutions charging over $50,000/year

    • Student protests

    Conferences 2011
    Conferences 2011

    • AIEA: San Francisco, CA

      • February 20-23, 2011

      • Sessions:

        • Higher Education Global Index: the first measurement of Internationalization 

        • International Partnerships: Funding and Sustaining Ties to European Institutions

        • A Double Degree Development Experience: Juniata College & York St John University (UK)

    • ACE: Washington, DC

      • March 5-8, 2011

    • Forum on Education Abroad: Boston, MA

      • April 6-8, 2011

    • AACC: New Orleans, LA

      • April 9-12, 2011

    Nafsa 2011
    NAFSA 2011

    • Vancouver

      • Education UK Pavilion

        • 19 Universities

        • Near Canada and Scotland

      • British Council Events

        • Country Partner Meeting Monday 30 May – SAVE THE DATE

          • ca. 9am – 2pm

        • Tea @ 3 – Daily on the Pavilion

          • Themes: Canada, US, All

        • IHE Presence in the hall

      • Watch this space

        • Hotel Recommendations

        • Country Partner Meeting Location

        • Welcome Pack

        • Individual Meetings Sign-up

    Source: Google Maps

    Canada overview of the market
    Canada: Overview of the Market

    Canadian Students in the UK

    Euromonitor report on canada
    Euromonitor Report on Canada

    Canadian education market report – Nov 2010

    giving the global picture of Canadian higher education activity

    • Canadian education system

    • Provincial recognition of overseas qualifications

    • Macroeconomic outlook

    • Students in HE in Canada

    • Canadian students in the UK

    • Canadian students in the USA

    • Canadian students in France

    • Activity in other competitor markets

    Cbie conference in calgary october 2010
    CBIE Conference in Calgary October 2010

    • Connecting with Canada

      • CBIE

      • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)

    • Creating new relationships with Canadian Universities and Colleges

    • As a step toward working in partnership, we attended the conference to scope the associations and institutions to expand our presence and expertise in the market.

    • We will develop Canadian HE relationships leading into NAFSA and continue building our work in Canada

    Fairs update
    Fairs Update

    • Update from the ECUK Group

      • Jessica Guiver

    • Hear from fellow Country Partners on their experience with fairs in Canada this fall:

      • Study and Go Abroad Fair Montreal

        • 25 September, 2010

      • Recruit in Canada Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

        • Fall 2010

      • Go Global Toronto

        • 25 – 26 September, 2010

      • Individual Institution Fairs

    Break out groups topics
    Break-Out Groups: Topics

    Buy-in from senior administration

    BC USA Webinar Topics/Speakers

    Solutions to barriers to US/Canada Markets

    Working with the BC USA team

    Partnership Assistance from BC

    Education Marketing Intelligence on US/Canada

    Social Media and technology engagement

    Policy Dialogue topics for US/Canada

    Breakout group feedback
    Breakout group feedback

    • Webinar topics: Dummy’s guide to funding; quarterly policy update; E-marketing

    • Policy dialogue topics: Federal Loans implementation; Credit Transfer (Canada); British Diaspora – target for recruiting; Aiding UK institutions in US accreditation and campus creation

    • Senior admin buy-in: Relationship mapping; Research areas – key global issues; BC funded trip to the US

    • Education Market Intelligence: Basic Market Info (for new staff); Trends in Study Abroad; Funding issues

    • BC USA services: Recruitment landscape – segmented advice/guidance; Regional Analysis; Cost comparisons (US to UK)

    • Barriers and solutions: Geography; Operating costs – Targeting, Online Marketing, New Media, no hard sale; Regulations – more information needed

    • Technology/social media: Monthly E-newsletter; UK education in the news; Media – BC to push out; Webinars & Virtual Exhibitions

    • HEI partnerships: Database of agreements/Case studies; Pre-empt US universities about UK universities approaching – BC as point of contact

    Student decision making research
    Student Decision Making Research

    The British Council’s global student decision making survey; running since February 2007, now with over 120,000 respondents.

    In the USA, we have been working with:

    - The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

    - United States Student Association

    In Canada, we have been working with:

    - Canadian Federation of Students

    - Canadian Alliance of Student Associations

    We are also working on analysis of students’ decisions to study in competitor markets; Canada, USA, Australia


    • Research

      • ‘Employability of Americans with degree qualifications from UK HE institutions, returning to the US

      • Quantitative surveys with hundreds of responses

      • Qualitative feedback from respondents

      • Several firms bid across: HE and HR sectors

    • Michigan State University

      • Dr Ian Gray, Vice President of Research

      • Dr Charles Hasemann, Executive Director BUSINESS Connect (Unable to attend due to weather)

    Thank you
    Thank you


    • Washington, DC

      • Richard Everitt, Deputy Director USA

      • Mary Catherine Scarborough, Education Marketing Advisor

      • Jill Doctor, Education Marketing Coordinator

    • Los Angeles

      • Meghan Steed, Head of Partnerships, West Coast

    • Montreal

      • Sarah Dawbarn

      • Liane Fraser