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Practice Exam Analysis

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Practice Exam Analysis. This lesson will focus on: An analysis of section one An analysis and feedback of section 2 , speech. Explain how the image portrays control.

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practice exam analysis

Practice Exam Analysis

This lesson will focus on:

An analysis of section one

An analysis and feedback of section 2 , speech.


Explain how the image portrays control.

Salient image of the sheep standing out from the crowd. Facial expression show surprise and the response is the caption on the tv monitor reinforcing control.

Motif of eyes. Shows constant surveillance, hypnosis of content through media.

Layout shows society fed information through propaganda of media. Also the fact that the tv screens are above the sheep reinforce the power they hold.

Colour purple to represent royalty. Reinforced through a purple background for Hillary Clinton.

Use of exaggeration to exaggerate the power media has over society. Also the layout of the sheep at the bottom alluding to the idea of no power.

Neologism through the use of the word ‘sheeple’. The connotations associated with this word are emphasised through the next line ‘take your chip’

The fact they are sheep symbolizes an animal that is trained and used for the benefit of the master. The contrast of the sheep being faceless entities through their hidden faces.


Identify TWO techniques and explain how these techniques display rebellion.

Explain how the song can be seen as a call to action against control.

Identifying the ‘us against them’ through a conversational, colloquial tone.

  • MuseUprising lyrics
  • (Verse One)
  • Paranoia is in bloom, The PR transmissions will resume, They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down, And hope that we will never see the truth around(So come on)Another promise, another scene, Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed, And all the green belts wrapped around our minds, And endless red tape to keep the truth confined(So come on)(Chorus)
  • They will not force us, They will stop degrading us, They will not control us, We will be victorious(So come on)[ Lyrics from: ]

(Verse Two)

Interchanging mind control, Come let the revolution take it's toll, If you could flick a switch and open your third eye, You'd see thatWe should never be afraid to die(So come on)

(Verse Three)

Rise up and take the power back, It's time the fat cats had a heart attack, You know that their time's coming to an end, We have to unify and watch our flag ascend(Chorus)

They will not force us, They will stop degrading us, They will not control us, We will be victoriousSo come onThey will not force us, They will stop degrading us, They will not control us, We will be victorious

Title ‘Uprising’ shows rebellion and a fight against control.

Allusion to the ‘all seeing eye’ which sees what our normal sight does not. Being related to everybody; the super-id, being tuned in as a collective.

Metaphor to show paranoia is flourishing.

Use of culmination to show what the effects of the power have resulted in.

The use of imperatives to bring about a call to action.

The use of colour ‘green’ to symbolise money.

The use of ‘red’ to symbolise danger.

Repetition of ‘they will not / stop’ reinforces the sense of rebellion

Repetiton of the term ‘we’ to create an inclusive quality of rebellion.

speech notes and feedback
Speech Notes and Feedback

Main objectives:

  • Show the transformation of the text
  • Showing why/how the text has been transformed (changed).
  • Do this by demonstrating how the elements of the texts have changed.

Katherine vs. Kat

Petruchio vs. Patrick

  • Characters
  • How have they changed?
  • Why have they changed?
  • Has anything remained the same?
  • What are the reasons?

Baptista vs. Walter

Bianca vs. Bianca


Patriarchal society vs. choice

Identity / standing out vs. conformity

  • Themes
  • Values
  • Setting
  • Finding examples to support the change / transformation of these elements.

Role of women vs. Freedom of choice

Palace / house vs. school.


Why have they changed? Linking your ideas

throughout your analysis:

  • Different medium of entertainment
  • Different values
  • Society has changed