Juan francisco s nchez garc a 3 a ies el bohio cartagena spain
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Juan Francisco Sánchez García 3 A IES EL BOHIO CARTAGENA SPAIN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why should you. to Cartagena. Juan Francisco Sánchez García 3 A IES EL BOHIO CARTAGENA SPAIN. Cartagena  is a  Spanish city in the Mediterranean seaside in the  Murcia Region .

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Juan francisco s nchez garc a 3 a ies el bohio cartagena spain

Why should you

to Cartagena

Juan Francisco Sánchez García



Cartagena is a Spanishcity in the Mediterranean seaside in the Murcia Region.

 It has 217,241 inhabitants. It is the twenty-fourth Spanish city in population (sixth among those that are not capital cities)Its pop spread over a municipal area of 558.3 km ². It has a total population of 382,114 inhabitants.

Our setting the beaches
Our settingthebeaches

  • Cartagena holds the distinction of being the Spanish town with the most beaches (10) certified “Q for Quality” by the ICTE (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española). These beaches are: Cala Cortina, Islas Menores, playa Honda beach, Mar de Cristal, Cala del Pino, Cavanna beach, Barco Perdido beach, El Galúa beach, Levante beach and La Gola beach.

The port
The port

The military port of Cartagena is one of

the most important of the world and Spain

Of great strategic value for its location and its natural design.


  • The coastal mountains of Cartagena focus one of the largest biodiversity the Iberian Peninsula botanical. Both European and African species are present. Especially noteworthy are the numerous species found only on the southern coast of Spain (Murcia and Almeria in particular) and in North Africa. Among these latter stands out above all the presence of default or Savina mora o cypress, a cypress that grows only in northern Africa, the island of Malta and Cartagena.

Our taste mediterranean food
Our tasteMediterranean food

  • The Mediterranean diet meets almost all requirements of all nutritional recommendations.Many consider the diet that makes you live longer.This has been confirmed and published recently by the prestigious American Journal of the American Medical Association.

These foods are:

· Olive oil.

· Little meat and lots of fish.

· Vegetables, legumes and abundant fruits.

· Pasta, wholemeal bread and brown or white rice.

· Species, garlic, oregano, pepper and sesame.

· Small amounts of red wine.

Typical plate
Typical plate

  • The most typical dishes are:

    · The cauldron

    · Rice with fish

    · The michirones

For fun carthaginians and romans
For funCarthaginians and Romans

The Carthaginian and Roman festivals held in the city is Spanish in Cartagena during the second fortnight of September and have been declared of National Tourist Interest.

In them, historical events that occurred in the city during the Second Punic War are recreated. Events such as: the foundation of the city by the Carthaginian general Hasdrubal the Handsome , Hannibal´s leaving to Rome or the great battle for the conquest of the city by the Roman general Scipio Africanus in the year 209 a.C .

 For 10 days various theatrical events are held They move us to the nuptials of Princess General Hannibal Himilce Ibera, the Oracle of the Goddess Tanit (vintage boats), and even a Great Roman Circus with gladiator fights and chariot races.