What body of water
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What body of water. Was explored by Lewis and Clark????. The Columbia River. What body of water…. Forms a border with Mexico????. The Rio Grande. What body of water…. was the Gateway to the west????. Ohio River. What body of water….

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What body of water
What body of water...

  • Was explored by Lewis and Clark????

What body of water1
What body of water…

  • Forms a border with Mexico????

What body of water2
What body of water….

  • was the Gateway to the west????

What body of water3
What body of water…

  • borders the United States to the north with Canada and connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

What body of water4
What body of water…

  • Runs through the Grand Canyon????

What body of water5
What body of water…..

  • Was the highway for explorers, early settlers, and later immigrants?

Which two bodies of water
Which two bodies of water…

  • Served as transportation arteries for farm and industrial products?????

Which body of water
Which body of water…

  • provided the French and Spanish with exploration routes to Mexico and other parts of America?

Gulf of mexico
Gulf of Mexico