the tundra animal ermine plant the diamond leaf willow n.
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The Tundra Animal: Ermine Plant: The Diamond leaf willow PowerPoint Presentation
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The Tundra Animal: Ermine Plant: The Diamond leaf willow

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The Tundra Animal: Ermine Plant: The Diamond leaf willow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Tundra Animal: Ermine Plant: The Diamond leaf willow . By Angus Mctaggart. The Ermine. HABBITAT

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the ermine
The Ermine


Ermines live in things called dens which are little gaps between two rocks, in between tree roots and holes inside trees. They live cold places usually such as Alaska, Canada, Greenland and those type of countries


Ermines eat arrange of thing including squirrels, Lemmings, rats, shrews, Chipmunks, Hares and so on. They occasionally eat worms, fish, eggs, grasshoppers and beetles, they usually only eat these foods when there are no animals around. They will eat nearly anything.


An adult Ermine from head to backside is

17cm- 33cm. Their tail is about 35% of their body length, it is from 5cm- 12cm. Ermines look like a weasel with their short legs, long neck with a triangular shaped head they also have ears that stick out a bit along with solid black eyes and long whiskers. In the winter the Ermines fur is White with a black tip on the end of the tail and then in the summer their fur at the top and tail turns brown and the under belly turns a yellowish white.

the diamond leaf willow
The Diamond Leaf Willow


The willows twigs are very soft and thin the are able to bend easily. The Leaves are very narrow and grow differently on the branch. The Diamond Leaf Willow grows very small only a couple of inches, The willows roots grow along the ground thickly like carpet. The willow grows flowers on it which look a lot like fluff balls stretched or white fuzzy caterpillars.

the tundra biome
The Tundra Biome

The Tundra Biome is pretty much the cold mountains biome there is a lot of snow there. There is a very cold climate in the tundra biome. In the tundra biome there is 400 varieties of plants(mostly moss) there are also low shrubs. There is also quite a lot of grass in the summer