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Immersion Fall 2008 Final Presentation

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Immersion Fall 2008 Final Presentation. Presented By Heather Hampton-Barclay Monu Harnal Carl Hayes Rachel Hudson Jennifer Loach Cammise McInnis John Oluyomi Eric Rose. The Process. This semester our instructional design efforts can be categorized into four main areas: Analysis

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immersion fall 2008 final presentation

Immersion Fall 2008 Final Presentation



Heather Hampton-Barclay


Carl Hayes

Rachel Hudson

Jennifer Loach

Cammise McInnis

John Oluyomi

Eric Rose

the process
The Process

This semester our instructional design efforts can be categorized into four main areas:



Webshop development

Tools training

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Review data as determined by the needs and performance analysis
  • Explain design decisions and discuss rationale
  • Introduce prototype, wire frames, and visual designs
  • Present first draft webshop tutorials on Audacity and Camtasia
  • Discuss goals for next semester
performance analysis1
Performance Analysis
  • Problem: T/TAC Online is in need of modern and robust online training materials.
  • Proposed solution: Introduce new tools, create model webshops, make site more appealing.
  • Data Gathered through interviews with Dr. Mike Behrmann, Mrs. Clare Talbert, and Mrs. Mary Wilds
in terms of support
In Terms of Support
  • Preferences
  • Assistance from an experienced user
  • A formal training workshop
  • Things to Consider
  • How to Guide
  • Online Help Menu
  • Video Tutorial
in terms of delivery
In Terms of Delivery


Simulations and demonstrations

Video/ Self-running PowerPoint Presentations



recommended design direction
Recommended Design Direction
  • Recommend tools and provide support that meets the staff's needs effectively and efficiently
  • Make the process of creating Webshops more efficient by updating the template interface
  • Design an “ideal Webshop” that demonstrates what good interactive training looks like and how to develop it using our recommendations and designs
  • Research and develop a system of interaction between T/TAC staff collaborating on projects
first persona previous author
First Persona-Previous Author
  • Name: Carol Hesse
  • Age: 49
  • Job Title: Autism/Alternate Assessment Coordinator
  • Length of time in position: 21 yrs
  • Education: Masters Degree in Special Education
carol hesse
Carol Hesse
  • Familiar with MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Like the current template system but feel limited
  • Would like to see auto save
  • Would like automatic HTML formatting options
  • Would like collaboration
  • Video
  • Narration
second persona potential author
Second Persona-Potential Author
  • Name: Nellie Newman
  • Age: 37
  • Job Title: Instructional Consultation Team Specialist
  • Length of time in position: 3 months
  • Education: Masters Degree in Special Education
nellie newman
Nellie Newman
  • Not Tech Savvy
  • Want support
  • Would like feedback
  • Would like to be able to collaborate
  • Want the goals and objectives clearly displayed
strategy documentation

Strategy Documentation

Concept Map

Competitive Analysis

Content Inventory

competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis
  • T/TAC Online Training competitive analysis
  • Various competitive advantages
      • Tools and Support
      • Website Interface
      • Ideal Webshops and E-learning
      • Social Networking
  • Design solution and direction based on Needs Analysis
content inventory
Content Inventory
  • “How to use” software to create Webshops
  • Template Enhancements
  • Support/Help in Online Training Tab
  • Online Training Page
  • E-Learning (best practices to create Webshops)
  • Social Networking (Internal for T/TAC Staff)
  • Headings
      • content
      • content details
      • example URL
site map new pages staff login view
Site MapNew Pages – Staff Login View
  • Staff Page
    • My Online Training
      • Webshops
      • Workshops
    • Support
      • Software
      • Resources
    • Collaboration
      • Adobe Connect
      • Discussion Forum
    • Staff Library
      • Online Database
      • File Sharing
usage driven design
Usage Driven Design
  • Successful websites
      • User interface/experience
      • Ease of use
      • Ease of navigation
  • What drives design
      • User/target audience
      • Create standards for Development
user vs usage driven design
User vs. Usage Driven Design
  • User Driven:
      • Limited to what user wants and not to needs
  • Usage Driven:
      • Roles users play in relation to the system
      • Structure of the work users need to accomplish within the system
      • Organization of the content and how it supports the user interface
flow charting
Flow Charting

The proposed Staff Page includes:

  • Create a New Webshop
  • My Online Training
  • View My Online Training
  • Support
  • Collaboration
  • Staff Library
  • Personal Profile
tutorial prototype

Tutorial Prototype



goals for next semester1
Goals for Next Semester
  • Flesh out other pages such as Collaboration, View My Online Training, Personal Profile, and Staff Library
  • Develop in-depth support tutorials for Camtasia, Audacity, and Captivate
  • Conduct user testing and formally evaluate our prototype