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Job Description. Skills and Education Required. By : Isaac Jensen. Astronaut. Training Required. Job Outlook and Salary. Job Description.

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  1. JobDescription SkillsandEducationRequired By : Isaac Jensen Astronaut TrainingRequired JobOutlookandSalary

  2. Job Description Astronauts don’t actually go into space that much, they just conduct experiments about space on the Earth. When they do go to space, it is usually to complete an experiment that they can’t complete on the Earth. back

  3. Skills and Education Required You need to be pretty good in math to be an astronaut. You also have to be pretty good in science and language. You have to have a good education. back

  4. Training Required A lot of the astronaut pilots now are former air force workers. You have to have at least 200 logs of flight time. back

  5. Job outlook and Salary In the future they will need 14% more jobs. Their salary is based on their academic achievements. Their salary starts off around $65,140 per year and can get up to $100,701 per year. ` back

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