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Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 July 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 July 2014

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Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 July 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 July 2014

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  1. Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 July 2014 1 Have Fun. Make a Difference.

  2. Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 What is The AlphaBet Club? The AlphaBet Club is a legal charity (Stichting) run by volunteers only, which raises funds to improve children’s lives through education. The charity activities of the AlphaBet Club are funded by proceeds from events as well as donations and sponsor-/partnerships. The AlphaBet Club focuses on building and sustaining the operation of educational infrastructure for children in need. Creating sustainable opportunities for children in poverty for a better life through education. We have actively worked together with the local non-profit organizations to help them ensure operational excellence and sustainability of the projects we fund. Currently The AlphaBet Club is focusing its efforts on projects in India. Over the last years we have build a strong relationship with the Building Blocks charity in Bangalore, India. This has enabled us to support the opening of a school for pre-school children from the GD Mara slum, and the opening of a 2nd pre-school in India (4th in Asia) near the Chinnappa Garden slum. 2 Have Fun. Make a Difference.

  3. Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 • How do we raise funds? • The AlphaBet Club has several ways to raise funds: • Events: The AlphaBet Club hosts fund raising events for internationally minded people in Amsterdam and Madrid. In Amsterdam we host approx. 10 events per year and in Madrid we host approx. 6 events per year. The proceeds of these events (‘tickets sales / revenue’ minus ‘event production/organization costs’) are the funds raised by the events. The coming years we’ll host the same amount of events in Amsterdam and Madrid. However we’re working on expanding our organization (hosting events) to other cities outside the Netherlands and Spain. The expectation is that in 2014 we’ll start hosting fund raising events in a new city. • Donations: The AlphaBet Club is receiving small and big donations through our community. People from our community donate directly to our charity. Besides that we get donations from “friends of ABC friends”, small fund raising initiatives from ABC friends and donations from companies via ABC friends (for example, we received donations from the ING Employee charity fund ‘EchtGoedDoen’). • In 2014 we’re going to further structure and explore the fund raising activities via ‘donations’ and launch some new initiatives where people from our community (and other supporters) can donate for a specific cause/objective. • Partner-/sponsorship: The AlphaBet Club has a partnership with the charity Alternatives4Children. They give AlphaBet Club funds to support the running/operational costs of the Edelweiss school in Bangalore (one of the pre schools started by ABC and Building Blocks). AlphaBet Club is managing these funds. We’re looking into further expanding this way of fund raising. 3 Have Fun. Make a Difference.

  4. Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 Management and control of the funds AlphaBet Club is a volunteer run organization. However MBS Benelux ( does the financial reporting and control. Our opinion is that control and transparency regarding the funds are extremely important for our charity organization; that means that all costs and expenses are checked and accounted for. MBS Benelux is executing these activities for AlphaBet Club. Obviously the AlphaBet Club organization itself is managing cq making policy on how to spend the funds, the costs and expenses. This is done via the board and volunteers who are responsible for Finance. 4 Have Fun. Make a Difference.

  5. Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 • How do we invest (spend) the funds we raised? • Our top priority is to have as much impact on the lives of slum children as possible. That means that we put in a lot of effort to keep our overhead costs low and spend on our charity projects high. • We support the following charity activities in India through our local partner Building Blocks: • Funding capital expenses of starting pre schools (renovating a building into a school, furniture, computers, training of teachers, etc). In 2014 we’ll open ABC’s 5th School – a Building Blocks pre-school with completion set for end of the year or beginning of 2015. This project takes longer than usual as Building Blocks actually has to build a school building and is dealing with a lot of paper work and construction time. • Funding operational expenses of schools we funded/started. This includes 2 meals a day for the children! AlphaBet Club covers the Edelweiss school yearly operational expenses. Operational expenses of new schools (f.e. Freesia school) are covered for 6 months after the launch. In that time period our Indian partner Building Blocks will find other donors to cover operational expenses. • The operational expenses of the Freesia school are covered by another donor of Building Blocks. • AlphaBet Club funds renovations and expansion of the school building and inventory (f.e. in 2013 a playground, school bus and a new teachers office). No plans or requests yet for 2014. • AlphaBet Club is funding small initiatives to create a better life for the students that live in the slums and also just ‘being a kid’. Example are medical check ups, eye checks, visit to the zoo, teddy bear/Christmas gifts, etc. 5 Have Fun. Make a Difference.

  6. Outline of AlphaBet Club’s Business Plan 2014 AlphaBet Club is supporting our local partner Building Blocks on site by sending one of our lead volunteers to India (expenses in India are covered by ABC). Building Blocks has benefited from this on site support and improved their level of professionalism. This way we also assure that our funds are being spent in the right way. Our on site volunteer was on site in March-April 2014 and has been exploring new charity projects and new local charity partners so we can fund more school projects and make a bigger impact! New/second local partner: we selected a new/second local partner in Bangalore called Samridhdhi. This NGO is starting and managing schools in the slums of Bangalore. Students are older than the ones in the Building Blocks schools. The objective is to get these children ready to enroll into local governmental schools. We are in discussion with Samridhdhi to select an new school project to be delivered in 2014. To run the AlphaBet Club organization and support all our activities we are making (overhead) costs. For example: costs for maintaining the web site, having volunteer meetings (rent meeting room and drinks), reimbursing real costs volunteers make when working for ABC, etc. In 2014 we’ll increase our efforts and enhance our online communications to better share updates & info on ABC charity projects. This will create some extra expenses but is necessary to share the impact of our projects. 6 Have Fun. Make a Difference.