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Night. By Ellie Wiesel. Sighet. “Sighet- that little town in Transylvania where I spent my childhood. ” (Pg. 1) . The Ghettos of Sighet.

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By Ellie Wiesel


“Sighet- that little town in Transylvania where I spent my childhood. ” (Pg. 1)

The Ghettos of Sighet

“Two ghettos were set up in Sighet. A large one, in the center of town, occupied four streets, and another smaller one extended over several small side streets in the outlying district.” (P.9)


“”’I have terrible new,’ he said at last. ‘Deportation.’ The ghetto was to be completely wiped out. We were to leave street by street, starting the following day.” (Pg. 11)

Train ride
Train Ride

“After two days of traveling, we began to be tortured by thirst. Than the heat became unbearable.” (P.21)

“ ‘ There are eighty of you in this wagon,’ added the German officer. ‘If anyone is missing, you’ll all be shot, like dogs…’” (P.22)

Arrival at birkenau auschwitz
Arrival at Birkenau- Auschwitz

“In front of us flames. In the air that smell of burning flesh. It must have been about midnight. We had arrived- at Birkenau, the reception center for Auschwitz.” (P. 26)

Selection process
Selection Process

“For a partt of a second I glimpsed my mother and my sisters moving away to the right. Tzipora held my mother’s hand. I saw them disappear into the distance; my mother was stroking my sister’s fair hair, as though to protect her, while I walked on with my father and the other men. And I did not know that in that place, at that moment, I was parting from my mother and Tzipora forever.” (P. 27)


“At the end of four hours, we reached our new camp: Buna. The iron gate closed behind us.” (P.43)

The camp looked as though it had suffered an epidemic: empty and dead. There were just a few well-clad prisoners walking about between the blocks.” (P. 45)


“Toward the middle of January, my right foot began to swell because of the cold. I was unable to put it on the ground. I went to have it examined. The doctor, a great Jewish doctor, a prisoner like ourselves, was quite definite: I must have an operation! If we waited, the toes- and perhaps the whole leg- would have to be amputated.” (P. 74)


They were quite simply liberated by the Russians two days after the evacuation.” (P. 780

“Perhaps the Russians will arrive first.” (P.77)

Running to a new camp
Running to a new camp

“I repeated to myself: ‘Don’t think. Don’t stop. Run.’” (P. 81)

‘” Faster you filthy son of bitches!’” We were no longer marching; we were running. Like automatons. The SS were running too, their weapons in their hands. We looked as though we were fleeing before them.” (P. 81)


“We had arrived at Buchenwald….. At the gate of the camp, SS Officers were waiting for us. They counted us. Then we were directed to the assembly place. Orders were given to us through loud speakers.” (P. 99)

Americans liberate buchenwald
Americans Liberate Buchenwald

“The battle did not last long. Toward noon, everything was quite again. The SS had fled and the resistance had taken charge of running the camp. At about six o’ clock, the first American tanks stood at the gates of Buchenwald.” (P. 109)