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  1. INVITATION TO THE SECOND PART OF THE SYNCH SERIES OF BRIC-breakfastsRUSSIA October 9that 08.00!We at Synch (, have the ambition to continuously developing our offering, and as a part of our concept “WeSynch”, we would like to invite you to a series of breakfast seminars that would provide you a brief insight to recent developments of the BRIC-markets, which are all facing very exciting development phases. This insight will be essential for you as individuals as well as for your business. First in line was India, having finalized the election with NarendraModi´s sensationally strong victory. Now it is time for RUSSIA.RUSSIA “Harryssarnablivitgalna?- Etthistorisktperspektiv”Welcome to Synch at Birger Jarlsgatan 6, 8th floor on October 9th at 08.00 to 09.00 (light breakfast served from 07.30) for a presentation of Fredrik Ekman, shedding historic light on the Russian leaders´ neo-imperialist agenda and the popular support they are enjoying. This will be followed by a discussion which we hope will involve all the participants and where you discuss how the current development will affect the business environment short term and more long term. The presentation will be in Swedish.Lured by Gorbatjov´s glasnost gospel, Fredrik Ekman has spent his entire professional life in what was still the Sovjet Union when he joined Tetra PAK USSR in 1989. During most of the he lived in Moscow leading Oriflame from scratch to a market leading FMCG business in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltics. In 2001 he co-founded Mint Capital (“”) , which invests 3rd party money in small and medium sized Russian firms with a minimum exposure to state interference. Having studied Russian at Tolkskolan, as an army conscript, he is a fluent Russian speaker. Please register at not later than October 6th .