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“How to Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity for Your Business” PowerPoint Presentation
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“How to Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity for Your Business”

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“How to Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity for Your Business”
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“How to Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity for Your Business”

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  1. “How to Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity for Your Business”

  2. I Want To Ask You A Question How would it be if you could predictably get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity? UNBELIEVABLE 3 of 65

  3. At the end of the next 90 minutes you are going to be really excited about using FREE PUBLICITY to skyrocket your sales and profits 4 of 65

  4. Today I’m Going to do 3 Things With You • I’m going to prove to you that getting free publicity isn’t rocket science and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it to catapult your fame and fortune. • I’m going to show you how myself and other Rebellious Entrepreneurs use the power of FREE publicity to boost sales and recognition. 3. I’m going to show you, step by step, in the clearest possible way I know, how to do it in your business so you can uncover hidden profits fast, that you never knew existed. 5 of 65

  5. “RarelyRevealedBy Me, TheMostPowerful AdvertisingFormat That Exists. “ 6 of 65

  6. What Howard Ruff Said “If I could teach my children only one skill in this world. It would be the art of marketing and promotion. Because with this skill, they could be successful in any business they tackle.” Publisher of the Ruff Report – A financial newsletter with over 600,000 Subscribers that pay him $33 per year each. That’s over $20 Million. 7 of 65

  7. The Big Myth • Who thinks they have a great product or service? • Who realises that if nobody knows about it, it’s not going to help much, and it ain’t gonna help them much either? Exposure is the critical difference. The RIGHT exposure even more critical. 8 of 65

  8. What’s the best thing advertising wise that can happen to a business person? • Ask them if they’d like to do a story on you, mostly you’ll be disappointed. The problem is, it might happen once or twice by accident, but that’s about all. • Use it in every form of media! • How do I know this format works best? I spent more than $1 Million of my own money testing it personally. • What you need is a consistent formula that you’re in control of. A reporter journalist arrives, interviews you and writes an article that’s self serving to your business and publishes it. Because articles and information in all forms of media are viewed 22 times more than advertising 9 of 65

  9. Why Most People Don’t Use FREE Publicity 1. You think you have to be a great writer when in fact it’s about having a great formula 2. You think you need special contacts to get an interview – TOTAL NONSENSE…I’ll show you how 3. You’re led to believe it’s some kind of difficult, advanced process The truth is it’s simple to do once you know how, and publicity has helped make me and my clients wealthy and well known 10 of 65

  10. The Biggest Mistake Most Business Owners Make 1. They spend their time and money on PAID advertising and ignore FREE publicity (balance) 2. They don’t realise that FREE publicity is not only FREE, but is also more powerful than paid advertising This editorial format has 22 times higher readership than standard advertising 11 of 65

  11. Why Publicity is More Powerful Than the Other Advertising You Can Buy REASON # 1 - Because it’s cheaper REASON # 2 - Because it’s more powerful than any other advertising you can buy REASON # 3 - Because it is more believable and creates credibility (radio) REASON # 4 - It can make you a celebrity and lead to fame and fortune REASON # 5 - It really is tons of fun to do! Books on publicity DON’T WORK because they’re MISSING PART of the FORMULA 12 of 65

  12. Key Ways to Get FREE Publicity • Be controversial and get the ATTENTION of the media and the public (terror, abortion, health system, housing affordability) • Be on the lookout for OPPORTUNITY with current news and events (football final) • SOLVE a problem or peoples problems and tell the media how you do it (cellulite, wrinkles, make money, fuel price) • Ask yourself what problem you can solve • List the problems you or your business solve 13 of 65

  13. Key Ways to Get FREE Publicity • Identify the next ‘PET ROCK’ • ‘MCG Sold by Sydney Man for $19.95’ • Be Crazy! I mean in a negative sense (David Hicks, Jack Van Tongan, Ben Cousins, Assassin) • GIVE the journalist what they want

  14. The AMAZING 3 Step Press Release Formula • The PRESS RELEASE (media release) • opens the door • The BIOGRAPHY and FACT SHEET tells • who you are and qualifies you • The QUESTION and ANSWER SHEET is • the missing piece of the formula • All on plain old A4 white paper 14 of 65

  15. Step 1 Press Release 15 of 65

  16. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE Upper Left Hand Corner Put The Release Date - This is journalistic code to a journalist - Shows you know how to play the game - Tells the journalist exactly what to do i.e. Fathers Day, After the Election… The journalist will immediately pay attention to your press release as opposed to all the others 16 of 65

  17. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE Upper Right Hand Corner Put Your Contact Details - First line should say For Further Information Contact -Second line should say Name and Contact Details The press release should be one page only, black and white no exceptions 17 of 65

  18. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE HEADLINE – 100% Most Important Part of Your Press Release - It must force the reporter to keep reading. “A Little Known Work Boot Manufacturer Has Beaten the Odds…” - Use headline formulas “12 Ways to end Migraine Pain Almost Immediately” “6 Ways Insomnia Sufferers can get to Sleep Almost Immediately” 18 of 65

  19. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE - Your headline must tell the whole story in 2 or 3 sentences - Quote yourself and put your credentials in - Always write in the ‘who cares’ style of writing “Samantha Brown Takes Speed Reading Lessons” Who Cares? “Melbourne Cricket Ground Sold by Sydney Man For $19.95” 19 of 65

  20. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE • The Role of The First Paragraph • Should Capture the reporters attention and force them to read further 20 of 65

  21. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE • The Role of The • Bullet Points • Give short, sharp attention grabbing features without revealing the full story • Easy to read and should be double spaced 21 of 65

  22. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE • The Role of The • Final 2 Paragraphs • Is to give the reporter a great reason to interview you or write about you • To inform them that you’re ready • To tell them how to schedule an interview and get more information from you including a biography and fact sheet 22 of 65

  23. Rules for Writing a PRESS RELEASE The Sign Off – 3 Hash Symbols ### - Tells the reporter that’s the end of your press release and that you really know how to play the game 23 of 65

  24. Step 2 Biography 24 of 65

  25. Rules for Writing a BIOGRAPHY and a FACT SHEET Top Left Hand Corner Should Reveal Your Complete Contact Details Centered on the page should say BIOGRAPHY and FACT SHEET on the first line followed by your name 25 of 65

  26. Rules for Writing a BIOGRAPHY and a FACT SHEET The body copy of the Biography and Fact Sheet should contain as much credibility as you can muster Finally your call to action and how to book an interview with you 26 of 65

  27. Step 3 Q & A’s 27 of 65

  28. Rules for Writing Your Q & A’s Your contact details at the top right hand corner Headline explains that you have a list of questions for the reporter Write a list of questions you’d like the reporter to ask that you have PRE-PREPARED answers to and a suggested introduction You must make the reporters job EASY so they don’t have to do any work or think 28 of 65

  29. Right Exposure/Media+Right Message+Right Market Match = Competitive Advantage How Do You Get Your MESSAGE OUT? 29 of 65

  30. Media/Exposure + Message + Market Match The shocking truth reluctantly revealed is the world’s best message is useless if it doesn’t get seen and it falls on deaf ears • 40% of your success is media • 40% of your success is market • 10% of your success is the offer • 10% of your success is the copy 30 of 65

  31. SALES - $10,272.24 31 of 65

  32. SALES - $10,846.99 32 of 65

  33. SALES - $2,908.31 33 of 65

  34. SALES - $10,272.24 34 of 65

  35. 35 of 65

  36. SALES - $11,000.00 3 of 65

  37. SALES - $11,228.00 37 of 65

  38. 3 of 65

  39. SALES - $3,255.00 39 of 65

  40. SALES - $6,600.00 40 of 65

  41. 41 of 65

  42. 42 of 65

  43. 43 of 65

  44. 44 of 65

  45. $100,000’s of FREE Publicity The big bonus here is that both Ric and Dana not only got print media exposure, BUT ALSO got prime time TV and Radio exposure for FREE worth $100,000’s of dollars 45 of 65

  46. I want to leave you with information that’ll help you get 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of FREE PUBLICITY, enhance your fame and fortune and slash your advertising budget. 46 of 65

  47. MAL EMERY’S SECRETS TO GETTING $$$ MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF FREE PUBLICTY “Publicity Power – The Inside Secrets to Getting Thousands of Dollars worth of FREE Publicity For Your Business”covers absolutely everything you could possibly ever need to know. Once you’ve managed to catch the media’s attention, you need to know exactly what to do. And you’ll discover…. • The Six Golden Rules of Publicity • Why publicity should always be an ongoing part of your business and how to make sure it is – P10 • How to link your story to a “timely” event and get publicity all year round – P13 • How to link or “tie in” your publicity efforts with stories or topics that are already in the news – get this one right and you’ll have the media constantly beating a path to your door – P10 – 13 • Why publicity opportunities are literally endless and how to make sure you “cash in” – P10 • How and why to hit the “easy” targets first and the benefits of doing so – P11 • Why getting publicity is a lot easier than you might think – P10 • Why you should know your goal before you ever start a media campaign – P11 – 12) Much, much more…….

  48. Six Angles For Attracting Publicity • Discover six easy to use “universal” angles or approaches you can use over and over again in your publicity efforts – P14 • How and why to coincide your publicity efforts with “timely” events – P16 • How to use controversy wisely and attract sure fire media attention – P15 • How to use the six angles or approaches to tailor your publicity efforts for particular media outlets – P14 • Why some media outlets will be interested in one angle or approach and not another – and how to make sure you are using the correct approach – P14 • The ever popular power of a “human interest” story – P15 • Much, much more…… • How The Media Works • What a producer does and how to approach a producer with your story – P21 • A little known media “secret” and how to use this knowledge to your advantage - P18 – 19 • What a PR firm does and why you’re so much better off to do it yourself – P22 – 23 • Why no money changes hands and what this means for your story – P17 • How to be the expert in your field, turn the tables and have the media chasing you – P24 • Where the media find their stories and how to put your story into the picture – this one is sure to surprise you – P19 • How to send in your media release and target specific sections of the media – P19 - 20 • What an editor does and how to approach an editor with your story – P20-21 • Why your story has as good a chance as anyone else’s – P18-19 • What happens once you get to know people working in the media? – P23-24 Much, much more besides……..

  49. What Is A Media Release? • What does a media release look like? – learn the basic layout of media releases the world over – P26-27 • Why media releases are the “fuel” that drives the media engine – P25 • Why your media release only requires basic, everyday, down to earth English – no Pulitzer Prize winning writing required – P31 – 32 • The two goals of your media release and how to achieve them – P26 • Why publicity is not an exact science and how even the best laid plans can go astray – P40 • What you should do before you send out your media release – and why this can be even more important than your media release itself – P36 – 37 • Getting the media to call you – and why it’s easier than you think – P26 • How to “cash in” on stories already in the news – get this skill down and watch your publicity efforts go “supernova” - P40 • A real life media release from my vaults with illustrative comments and a step by step breakdown of the release in question – P30 – 32 • An easy to follow media release template with step by step details on each separate part of your media release – P27 - 29 • The one thing your media release should do to make sure the media calls you – P26 • A perfect example of a timely media release – learn this skill and you’ll multiply your chances of getting publicity by 1,000% or more – P39 • What will and what won’t attract the media’s attention – P26 • The importance of “background” pages and what to include in your background page – P32 – 34 • Another real life example of a media release - P35 • A new media release template – P37 – 38 • Much, much more besides…….