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E D U C A T I O N. P O L I C I E S.

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E d u c a t i o n



E d u c a t i o n

INTRODUCTIONRule 37 of the Royal Federation constitution is binding on all affiliated Associations:Every affiliated Association shall be bound by these rules and by every resolution of every General Meeting or Annual Conference of the Federation and by any decision of the Board made consistent with the powers expressed or implied in this RuleThese policies, while acknowledging the autonomous status of each Association, reinforce the above Rule at the same time as iterating the value of having a strong single voice providing a clear, consistent messageon matters of national importance.

C1 education training general
C1 : Education & Training - General

Royal Federation

  • Resources for JPs and VJs

  • Training course for JJPs

  • Training material for provisional JPs and IOs

  • Training JJPs (Practicum)

  • Appoint NEO – resources (JEBs, Education pages in JQ), processes, seminars (incl Education Officers/Trainers and VJs)

  • Manage funds available to support Assoc


C1 education training general cont d
C1 : Education & Training – General cont’d


  • Work with RF

  • Appoint Education officers/trainers

  • Education of members

  • Induction training [see C2 Induction Training]

  • JJPs – education/mentoring/performance

    review/attestation [see C3 Judicial JPs]

C2 induction training
C2 : Induction Training

  • Process set out in BPM

  • Initial (RF) + Input (Assoc) = Induction

  • 3 stage programme:

    • become familiar with Manual (ITM on line)

    • practice questions with trainer

    • on line assessment (marked immediately) – 90% pass mark

      – 2 attempts allowed (+ final if circumstances warrant)

C3 judicial jps

C3 : Judicial JPs

Criteria for suitability as JJP

C3a : Training & Practicum

course success

support of Association

needed for panel/will be rostered

satisfactory practicum

C3 judicial jps continued
C3 : Judicial JPs continued

C3b : Panel Membership & Appraisal

  • immediate involvement of new JJP

  • mentor

  • regular rostering

  • annual appraisal & attestation – continue

    or cease to roster

  • age limits

C4 issuing officers
C4 : Issuing Officers

  • authorised by AG after successful training

  • JPs or Court staff (or others)

  • Associations facilitate at least 1 meeting

    p.a. for ALL IOs in area (advise RF)

  • training responsibility of RF

  • Associations notify RF of those JPs

    interested in undertaking training

C5 accreditation
C5 : Accreditation

  • Rationale / Purpose / Objectives

  • Royal Federation

    • requirements

    • website template

    • identify accredited JPs on line

    • annual list to Associations of JPs not accredited

  • Associations

    • communicate with JPs not accredited

    • random assurance check – report to RF