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4-H Evaluation Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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4-H Evaluation Jeopardy

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4-H Evaluation Jeopardy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4-H Evaluation Jeopardy. Daily Double!!! Place your bet. Final Jeopardy. Stakeholders 100. What is Extension Council ?. Name the stakeholder group that is made up of nine citizens that have local control. Stakeholders 200.

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4-H Evaluation Jeopardy

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Presentation Transcript

Daily Double!!!

Place your bet.

Final Jeopardy

stakeholders 100
Stakeholders 100

What is

Extension Council?

Name the stakeholder group that is made up of nine citizens that have local control.

stakeholders 200
Stakeholders 200

Name the stakeholder group that is made up of nine citizens that oversees public entities.

What is the Board of Regents?

stakeholders 300
Stakeholders 300

This stakeholder is responsible for national fundraising and branding.

What is

National 4-H


stakeholders 400
Stakeholders 400

Name the stakeholder group that we work with directly.

What is youth.

stakeholders 500
Stakeholders 500

Name the type of stakeholders that provides oversight to 4-H programming in partnership with land-grant universities.

What is


data points 100
Data Points 100

Name the priority topic this data point relates to: “I use good listening skills when others are talking”

What is communication and the arts.

salesmen 200
Salesmen 200

Daily Double: Data Points 200

What is the definition of a data point?

Item of factual information derived from research

data points 300
Data Points 300

Name one way reason we need to know data points.

Showing value, reporting

data points 400
Data Points 400

Name a healthy living data point.

  • I eat more fruits and vegetables
  • I make healthier food choices
  • I help my family make healthy food choices
data points 500
Data Points 500

Name a way we collect data.

What is

Surveys, evaluations

qualitative and quantitative data 100
Qualitative and QuantitativeData 100

Share the definition of qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative: Consists of words and observations, not numbers

Quantitative: Data on a numerical scale


Qualitative and QuantitativeData 200

Name one way we collect qualitative data.

Interviews, focus groups.

qualitative and quantitative data 300
Qualitative and QuantitativeData 300

Give me an example of quantitative data.

# of Participants

qualitative and quantitative data 400
Qualitative and QuantitativeData 400

Share one way you use data in your program.

Marketing, recruitmentPartnership development


qualitative and quantitative data 500
Qualitative and QuantitativeData 500

How can we use data to indicate that a change has taken place due to our programming?

Before and After survey – measure baseline compared to knowledge after the program

reporting 100
Reporting 100

This report is due in an online submission on October 15th.

Plan of Work

reporting 200
Reporting 200

This form is submitted through 4-H Online and records non-club data. Bonus if you can tell me the due date.

What is

Group Enrollment

Bonus: Oct 1st

reporting 300
Reporting 300

Name one type of school enrichment program we would report on.

What is Ricochet, Pick a Better Snack, anything in support of school curriculum over 6 hours

reporting 400
Reporting 400

Name one type of group we report on.

What isDay Camp, School Enrichment, Overnight Camp, Special Interest

reporting 500
Reporting 500

Share the definition of camping for reporting.

Outdoor education

thank you

Final Jeopardy: