welcome to speeding up your csi reservation request form rrf l.
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Welcome to Speeding Up Your CSI Reservation Request Form (RRF) PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Speeding Up Your CSI Reservation Request Form (RRF)

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Welcome to Speeding Up Your CSI Reservation Request Form (RRF) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Speeding Up Your CSI Reservation Request Form (RRF). We will be starting the webinar momentarily Thank you for your patience To download today’s presentation, please visit www.pge.com/solareducation.

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welcome to speeding up your csi reservation request form rrf

Welcome to Speeding Up Your CSI Reservation Request Form (RRF)

We will be starting the webinar momentarily

Thank you for your patience

To download today’s presentation, please visit www.pge.com/solareducation

PG&E’s 2008 Electric Delivery Mixon average over 50% of the energy delivered comes from sources that emit almost no carbon dioxide





Natural Gas


Large Hydro



  • Biomass and waste 4%
  • Geothermal 4%
  • Small hydroelectric 4%
  • Wind 2%
  • Solar <1%




Note: Delivery mix includes all of PG&E’s owned generation plus all of PG&E’s power purchases.

30 years of energy efficiency success
Energy efficiency programs have helped keep per capita electricity consumption in California flat since 1976

PG&E’s programs alone have avoided the release of over 135 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere over the same period





















Western Europe

30+ Years of Energy Efficiency Success

Courtesy Art Rosenfeld, California Energy Commission

Note: 2005 – 2008 are forecast data.

solar to date
Solar to Date
  • PG&E territory represents approximately 50% of all grid-tied solar systems in the United States
  • CSI Program success…
    • Over 14,000 Projects Received
    • Over 9,500 Projects Completed totaling over $230 Million in incentives paid
    • Continuous improvements made to streamline process
    • Reduced paperwork by 50%
csi program updates changes
CSI Program Updates/Changes
  • Customers may request to transfer their CSI reservation from one site to another within 180 days of approval, if it can be shown that the original site is not feasible and a considerable amount has already been spent. (Section 4.4.2)
  • Customers now eligible to apply for the CSI incentive if new panels are added to an existing inverter. (Section 2.2.1)
  • The Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Program (MASH) has officially launched as of February 17, 2009. Workshop to be held on May 4, 2009, register at www.pge.com/solarclasses
  • New Reservation Request and Incentive Claim Forms available, older versions will no longer be accepted.
potential future changes improvements
Potential FutureChanges/Improvements
  • Go Paperless and remove requirement of:
      • Original signatures
      • Copy of utility bill
      • System description worksheet
      • Proof of PMRS if purchased
      • EPBB Calculator with reservation
  • Allow Incentive Claim Form Submittal only without Reservation, if interconnected (1 step)
  • Add language stating Rate Schedule to determine Incentive Sector
  • Extend all Non-Residential Application periods to 18 months
powerclerk updates changes
PowerClerk Updates/Changes
  • May 2009
    • Changes to Reservation Request for 3 Step
      • Incorporate questions from System Description Worksheet into the Application
    • Changes to Incentive Claim
      • New panel/tab added for Performance Metering and Monitoring System, Performance Data Provider and Net Generation Output Meter
    • Webinar to be held on April 29, 2009, register at www.pge.com/solarclasses
  • Future Changes
    • Addition of MASH Application
    • Supporting Documentation Attachment/Upload feature
    • 3rd Party Software Synchronization
      • Upload Application Data into PowerClerk
    • Future filing to remove System Description Worksheet
reservation request required documents
Reservation Request Required Documents

1. Completed Reservation Request Form and Program Contract with Original Signature

    • Application listing the customer, installer, project site, requested incentive amount, etc
  • 2. Documentation of an Energy Efficiency Audit (or Title 24 documentation or other exemptions)
    • Can be done on PG&E website, phone or mail
  • 3. Printout of EPBB Tool Calculation (www.csi-epbb.com)
    • Each array requires a separate printout to determine correct incentive
  • 4. Copy of Executed Agreement of Solar System Purchase and Installation
    • Purchase/installation contract between involved parties
  • Additional Documents for 3 Step Applications (all non-residential project > 10kW):
  • 5. System Description Worksheet
    • Template can be found on our website
  • 6. Application Fee for non-residential projects > 10kW
additional required documents if applicable
Additional Required Documents, IF APPLICABLE

If annual kWh on EPBB Calculator > previous 12 month usage history and over 5kW


If New Construction (Non-Res only) and over 5kW

1. Electrical System Sizing Documentation

  • Square footage, list of new equipment/appliances with the wattage and expected use, or engineer calculations

If the Owner of the System is not the PG&E Customer

2. Copy of Executed Alternative System Ownership Agreement

  • Listing involved parties, terms, length of time, signatures, etc.

If Government, Non-Profit or Public Entity

3. Certification of tax-exempt status and AB1407 compliance

  • If certification is unavailable, letter from the CFO or equivalent; AB1407 template on our website

*4. Request for Proposal (RFP) due within 60 days from Reservation Reserved

reservation request packet
Reservation Request Packet
  • Missing Energy Audit documentation or incorrect Zip Code listed
  • Incorrect zip code on EPBB Calculator
  • Incorrect information on the Application
    • Host Customer not Customer of Record without explanation
    • Project Site listed differently than PG&E’s record or listed incorrectly as mailing address
    • Wrong account number, service ID number or meter number given
  • Missing executed contract/agreement or missing/incorrect information
  • Missing original signatures for all parties involved
  • Missing Tax Exemption and/or AB1407 (Gov’t, Non-Profit and Public Entities)

Information may be stored in your browser called cookies.

This may cause the incorrect zip code to automatically populate when returning to online Energy Audit tool.

To correct this, you must delete the cookies from your computer.

In your browser toolbar, click “Tools”, select “Internet Options”, and select “Delete Cookies”

A link with instructions can be found on the Energy Analyzer webpage

epbb calculators
EPBB Calculators

Please remember to enter the correct zip code on the EPBB Calculator as listed on the PG&E bill

where to find information on the bill
Where to find information on the bill

Page 1 of Bill

Page 2 of Bill

Physical Site Address

Service ID Number

Host Customer

Jane Sample

PO Box 123

San Francisco, CA 99999-1000

Mailing Address

Meter Number

host customer section
Host Customer Section

Downloadable Excel Version

  • Host Customer should be the Utility Customer of Record as listed on PG&E bill
  • Otherwise, explanation is needed as well as Alternate System Owner Agreement



Project Site Section on Application

  • Project Site should match physical address as listed on page 2 of bill
  • If there is a different mailing address, there is a separate section for that under Host Customer
  • Service ID number is preferred over the account number and can be found under the “Electric Account Detail” on the bill
  • Meter Number should also match
  • If PG&E records are incorrect (i.e. physical address has changed), customer call 1-800-PGE-5000 to correct.


Downloadable Excel Version

required signatures on paperwork
Required Signatures on Paperwork

Purchase/Installation Contract

CSI Application

  • Must be original signature of
  • Host Customer
  • Applicant (if different than Host)
  • System Owner (if different than Host)
  • Copy of signature (not original) on agreement
  • Host Customer/System Owner
  • Installer (unless self-installation)
additional tips
Additional Tips
  • If there is no historical usage or usage history will not support added load, please provide proper documentation:
    • If system is between 5-10kw and residential, provide square footage of the home to calculate adequate load (2 watts per sq ft)
    • Comprehensive list of appliances/equipment, wattage and expected usage
    • Title 24 documentation (no older than 3 years)
    • Building simulation program reports such as eQUEST, EnergyPro, DOE-2, and VisualDOE
    • Detailed engineering calculations
  • Tax Exempt Letter should be on the company letterhead and should explicitly state the organization is a tax-exempt entity and does not receive federal tax benefits. It is not sufficient to just state they are exempt from paying taxes on the CSI incentive.
application forms
Application Forms
  • Download forms from website


  • Access online database PowerClerk
    • Track status of all applications
    • Ability to pre-fill certain sections with stored data


Step-by-step tutorial available


resources part i
PowerClerk Tutorial





EPBB Calculation Tool:


California Solar Information:


Energy Efficiency:



Generation Interconnection Services

Email: gen@pge.com or 415-972-5676

Resources - Part I
resources part ii
Resources - Part II

PG&E Contact Information

General Solar Inquires

  • 1-877-PGE-4112
  • www.pge.com/solar

PG&E CSI Hotline for Application Inquires

  • 415-973-3480
  • solar@pge.com

Kristi Patterson, CSI Operations/PG&E

  • KMPa@pge.com
  • 415-973-0770

This presentation will be posted today at

  • www.pge.com/solareducation
future webinars classes
Future Webinars/Classes
  • Inspecting PV Systems for Code Compliance – 4/23/09
  • Introduction to CSI Workshop, SF & Webinar – 4/24/09
  • PowerClerk Updates – 4/29/09
  • CSI Handbook-Review Latest Improvements – 4/30/09
  • CSI and Non-PV Technologies – 5/5/09
  • Solar for the Entrepreneur – 5/8/09
  • Solar Power Basics for Residential Customers – 5/9/09
  • Your Path to Energy Savings-New Construction – 5/12/09
  • Your Path to Energy Savings-Exisiting Res/Comm – 5/13/09
  • New Solar Homes Partnership – 5/19/09
  • Solar System-life Maintenance – 6/8/09

**Refer to the Pacific Energy Center training website for more upcoming classes


more upcoming events
More Upcoming Events
  • CSI Forum: April 28th (PG&E)
  • CALSEIA/SolarTech Summit: May 7th
  • CPUC CSI Review: Summer 2009
  • CPUC PG&E Internal Audit: June 2009
  • CSI Handbook Update: Summer 2009
  • CEC Mandated Requirements: July 1st
thank you for joining us today please take a moment to provide us your feedback on today s webinar
Thank youfor joining us today.Please take a moment to provide us your feedback on today’s webinar.