physical science week 6 n.
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Physical Science Week 6 PowerPoint Presentation
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Physical Science Week 6

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Physical Science Week 6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physical Science Week 6. Unit 1 – Nature of Matter Chemical Properties & Changes. Standard S8P1a. Distinguish between atoms and molecules. Standard S8P1.g. Identify and demonstrate the law of conservation of matter. Standard S8P1.d.

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Physical Science Week 6

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physical science week 6

Physical Science Week 6

Unit 1 – Nature of Matter

Chemical Properties & Changes

standard s8p1a
Standard S8P1a
  • Distinguish between atoms and molecules.
standard s8p1 g
Standard S8P1.g
  • Identify and demonstrate the law of conservation of matter.
standard s8p1 d
Standard S8P1.d
  • Distinguish between physical and chemical properties of matter.
monday warm up wk 6
Monday Warm Up (Wk 6)
  • If you have 100 grams of a substance and the density is 4 g/cm3; what is the volume?
  • Unit Test Friday – Study everything!!!
cornell notes chemical properties and changes
Cornell Notes Chemical Properties and Changes
  • Chemical Properties describe matter based on its ability to change into new matter that has different properties.
  • The ability to burn
  • Ability of two or more substances to combine and form one or more new substances.
comparing physical chemical properties
Comparing Physical & Chemical Properties
  • Physical properties can be observed without changing the substance.
  • Chemical properties, not so easy.
    • If you burn it to test for flammability, it is burnt.
characteristic properties
Characteristic Properties
  • Most useful in identifying a substance
  • Always the same no matter the size of the sample
  • Density, solubility, flammability, reactivity
chemical change
Chemical Change
  • A change that occurs when one or more substances change into entirely new substances with different properties.
signs of chemical change
Signs of chemical change
  • Gas produced (bubbles)
  • Odor
  • Color change
  • Production of heat
  • Sound or light produced
reversing chemical change
Reversing Chemical Change

Cake batter to cake is a chemical change.

How would you undo the change?

Burn a log – how do you undo the change?

law of conservation of mass
Law of Conservation of Mass
  • Mass cannot be created or destroyed in ordinary chemical and physical changes.
  • What goes into a reaction must come out – atom by atom.
electrolysis of water
Electrolysis of water
  • Water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity.
  • H2O -> H2 + O2

___ H2O -> ___H2 + ___ O2

tuesday warm up wk 6
Tuesday Warm Up (Wk 6)
  • What evidence should you look for to decide if a chemical change has occurred?
  • Unit test Friday: Study everything
physical and chemical change lab
Physical and chemical Change Lab
  • Question: How do you tell if a change is physical or chemical?
  • Hypothesis:
  • Procedure:
    • Copy data table
Analyze and Conclude:

1. How can you determine if a chemical or physical change is happening? What is the most important question to ask?

2. Is one piece of evidence sufficient information to determine if it is a chemical or physical change? Give an example.

3. The Stature of Liberty was originally a copper color. After being exposed to air, she turned a greenish color. Explain what happened.

wednesday warm up wk 6
Wednesday Warm Up (Wk 6)

Compare and contrast chemical and physical changes with a Venn Diagram.

Unit test Friday: Study everything

crct practice
CRCT Practice
  • P. 60-61 #1-9
  • P. 84-85 #1-9
  • P. 110 – 111 #1-8
  • P. 330-331 #1-11
  • P. 356 – 357 #1-9
thursday warm up wk 6
Thursday Warm Up (Wk 6)
  • How many atoms are in one molecule of C6H12O6?
  • What are the atoms and how many of each?
  • Unit test Friday: Study everything
friday warm up
Friday Warm Up
  • Study silently for unit test 5 minutes.