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ORANGINA. «Il faut secouer, sinon la pulpe elle reste en bas - En cas de soif, appelez Orangina » (for the literal transaltion = «  Shake it , otherwise the pulp will stay behind - Thirst ? Call Orangina ») «  Shake it , wake it  ». PLAN. Introduction Development History

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  1. ORANGINA «Il faut secouer, sinon la pulpe elle reste en bas - En cas de soif, appelez Orangina » (for the literaltransaltion = « Shakeit, otherwise the pulpwillstaybehind - Thirst ? Call Orangina ») « Shakeit, wakeit »

  2. PLAN • Introduction • Development • History • Publicity • Marketing • Innovation • Orangina’sbirthday • Conclusion

  3. history • 1935 : “Foire de Marseille” (famous french show), presentation of “ORANGINA” by the spanish pharmacist TRIGO (called ‘Orangina, soda de Naranjina’ at that time) • Composition : spared water and orange, with a bottle making a wink to the orange fruit • Leon BETON, “pied noir” (french living in Algeria during the war) launched the product in Algeria.

  4. 60’s : Orangina’s development • Strategy : all about inovation : 1977, 1st spared drink in can • 1988 : 1st french drink containing edulcorants • 00’s : development of ices and fruits drink especialized Orangina

  5. Publicity • Orangina’saims : publicitybasis • 1953 : 1st cartel ORANGINA madeby Bernard VILLEMONT (frenchman), clear & simple, whosetheappearanceisabout a granular & circular bottle • Origins : blueground and orangezest, whosethe logo is a spiralissuedfromthatzest • 1st spareddrinkwithoutdye-stuffs & conservatives

  6. Marketing • 3rd seller, main target : youngpeople (teenagers) • Advertisement’ssources : Orangina = queen of the café terrace, main actor = waiterbutthenold-fashionedfortheteenagers, 70’s competitivenesswith Coca-Cola and theAmerican market, • Jean-Paul GOUDE = design and modernisationof the ad(waiterturnedon a waitress, and hisfamous catch word : ‘shake me, shake me’), sellsrise

  7. 90’s = turning point at 180° = references to LAMBADA & exotic dreams ; Alain CHABAT , humourist and idol for the teens (13-20) = personification of the product through the bottle man (agressive and strong impacts on the markets), main idea for RED ORANGINA few time after and joke with the parody of teen movies. Orangina has to remotivate the youngs to buy its products

  8. 00’s = Jamel Debbouze = impacts and influences on younth = rise of sells • Personification with animals ads = in UK censorship = rise of sells

  9. Inovations • One of the main purpose of Orangina is the ‘innovation’ = main basis • Nowadays, Orangina that’s one billion of bottlesold all around the world • 1977 = 1st spared drink in France to bedressed of a metalic box • 1988 = 1st french drink containingsweeteners • 2000 = CADBURY-SWEPPES buys ORANGINA, for 700 billions of euros (Coca-Cola triedalso to buyit, withoutsuccess)

  10. What’s new in 2012 ? • Innovation of SWEPPES-ORANGINA thisyear, through 4 new products : • Lady Gina & Bad Jack = classic version • BUT bad point : remembers about 2 otherproductssold by the past= ‘RASTAMAN’ & ‘L’ARISTO’ • ‘MISS’O’ : light version = main targetwomen, main ideais : ‘sparkling, funny, natural and sexy with a littletouch of madness’

  11. New fresh power for 2012

  12. ORANGINA BIRTHDAY (1935-2000) • 2011 = birthday of ORANGINA = for its 75, sell of the bottle imaginated by Bernard VILLEMOT. • 1st bottle = orange zest under the form of a large woman hat • 2nd bottle = orange zest under the form of a sun umbrella

  13. ORANGINA & Bernard VILLEMOT: 1st : Homage to the famous publicist who contribuated to the global picture all around the world 2nd: 17 cartels participating to the success of ORANGINA

  14. Conclusion • ORANGINA’s company = 800 millions to 1 billion of euros • One of the 3rst most famous and sold product in the world • Worship in Europe and North of America

  15. Thankyou for your attention

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