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Current Practice

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Current Practice . Optional Reporting Templates. Survey Qs. Planning & Accountability Reports. Prepare Planning & Accountability Reports. Outsourced Customer Satisfaction Surveying & Service Perf Reporting. Councils. Councillor Conduct Framework. Manage Councillors Conduct Quality.

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current practice
Current Practice

Optional Reporting Templates

Survey Qs

Planning & Accountability Reports

Prepare Planning & Accountability Reports

Outsourced Customer Satisfaction Surveying & Service Perf Reporting



Conduct Framework

Manage Councillors Conduct Quality


All Councils have their own financial management & reporting systems

All Councils receive their service performance information from customer satisfaction surveying outsourcer engaged by the LG Ministry

Each Council interprets the Councillor Conduct Framework to manage its in-house Councillors’ misconduct incidents, some have ICT systems, some don’t.

future scenario planning

Future Scenario Planning

Identifying Process, ICT system & People Role Changes

Scenario Planning Assumptions:
  • Bill #1 will require all Councils to
    • Use the LGPRF – Indicator Workbook Version 3.1
    • Use new reporting templates to prepare their planning and accountability reports
    • Continue using the State's customer satisfaction survey and reporting services to collect their new service performance data. This means the Local Government Ministry will adjust the necessary changes in the data collection processes to include the new KPI in customer questionnaires.
  • 2. Bill#2 will require all Councils to report and manage incidents of poor Councillors' behaviours to resolution. Mayors are given the accountability to improve and manage conduct performance in their Councils. A state appointed Local Government Inspectorate will oversee reported incidents and determine the appropriate resolution outcomes, including penalising those found guilty of misconduct.The current situation has a decentralised approach in reporting and tracking misconduct incidents. Some Councils have ICT systems, some don't. There is inefficiency and process and information fragmentation in the current situation. To improve efficiency and streamline process and information flows, we assume the Local Government Ministry will centralise and hence provide a common Councillors' misconduct incident reporting and management system.
NEWLGPRF Indicator Workbook V3.1

Modified Reporting Templates

Modified Survey Qs

Bill #1

Bill #2

Planning & Accountability Reports

Prepare Planning & Accountability Reports

Outsourced Customer Satisfaction Surveying & Service Perf Reporting


Conduct Incident Reports

Manage Councillors Conduct Quality

New Centralised Councillor Conduct Incident Reporting & Mgt System


Conduct Framework

Increase Accountability Roles


Additional Accountability Specs

LG Inspector

Job Description