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Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS)

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Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) PearsonAccess Training for School Assessment Coordinators (SAC) Boulder Valley School District April 2014. Agenda: PearsonAccess Tutorial. Intro Logging In Creating Accounts Navigation Before Testing Create Test Session

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Colorado Measures of

Academic Success (CMAS)

PearsonAccess Trainingfor School Assessment Coordinators (SAC)

Boulder Valley School DistrictApril 2014

Modified from CDE CMAS Administration Spring 2014

agenda pearsonaccess tutorial
Agenda: PearsonAccess Tutorial
  • Intro
    • Logging In
    • Creating Accounts
    • Navigation
  • Before Testing
    • Create Test Session
    • Move students to Test Sessions
    • Add Students
    • Add Student Accommodations
    • Authorization Tickets & Seal
  • Immediately Before
    • Proctor Caching
    • Start Session
  • After Testing
    • Ending first two sections vs. the final section
    • Reminder

Logging In

User Roles

Creating Pearson Accounts

Password Maintenance

pearsonaccess logging in
PearsonAccess – Logging In
  • Enter your User ID (your email address) and Password
  • Then click Sign In
  • If you have problems logging in, use the links below to Unlock User, Reset your password, if you need help signing in or if you have forgotten your User ID.
viewing pearsonaccess user accounts
Viewing PearsonAccess User Accounts
  • To view and access current user accounts
  • Log in to PearsonAccess
  • Administrative Management > View User Accounts
viewing pearsonaccess user accounts1
Viewing PearsonAccess User Accounts
  • View and verify user accounts
  • Export to user account file to Excel or view individual user accounts within PearsonAccess:
    • User ID
    • Name
    • E-mail Address
    • Roles
    • Organizations (schools)
    • Status
    • Deleted
creating pearsonaccess user accounts
Creating PearsonAccess User Accounts
  • Create a New Individual User Account
  • Go to Administrative Management > View User Accounts.
  • Click New User to go to the New User Account screen.
creating pearsonaccess test administrator user accounts
Creating PearsonAccess Test Administrator User Accounts
  • Create a New Individual User Account
  • Enter the required fields.
    • User id: user’s email address
    • Start Date: Today’s date, End date: May 17, 2014
    • User role: Test Administrator (TA) for all TAs, CoAlt Score Entry for all CoAlt TA’s entering scores online
    • Organization: Your school
  • Click Save. After you click Save, a notification is sent automatically to that user’s email address.
  • The email contains a link to the login screen where the new user can choose a password and enter the site.


pearsonaccess home
PearsonAccess – Home
  • The Home tab in PearsonAccess displays links to the all the functions available to your user account.
  • Tabs and sub tabs allow you to navigate quickly to specific screens
pearsonaccess navigation
  • To change the test administration, click on
  • the Change link. The administration change
  • will apply to all screens.
pearsonaccess navigation help
PearsonAccess-Navigation Help

Help offers context-specific support.

Click to close the Help window.

pearsonaccess navigation search
PearsonAccess-Navigation Search

When locating student or testing data, use

the Search function to make your search

more targeted. Click Hide Search to close it.

Filtering the data makes your navigation

through the system more efficient.


Creating Test Sessions

creating a pearsonaccess test session
Creating a PearsonAccess Test Session
  • A virtual grouping of students by grade level and content area. Students must be placed in a scheduled test session before they can log in to a test.
  • Select Test Management tab > Manage Test Sessions
  • Click New Session to create a new test session
  • Create sessions at least one week before testing window
creating a pearsonaccess test session1
Creating a PearsonAccess Test Session
  • Enter the session information displayed on the Session Details screen
  • Select to View By Groups radio button to add students to the session
test session details
Test Session Details
  • The Test Session Details screen displays each session’s status, assigned test, start time and assigned students
  • Session start time is a guideline for planning and is not enforced by the online testing system
moving students into test sessions
Moving Students into Test Sessions
  • To move or add students to a testing session within PearsonAccess, click Add Students
moving students into test sessions1
Moving Students into Test Sessions
  • Select to View By Groups or Students radio button to add students to the session
  • Place a check next to those students to add or move the student into the session and click Add to Session

Adding New Students

new student wizard
New Student Wizard

Adding a New Student:

  • With New Student Wizard you can add a new student to the database including:
  • enroll the student in a test
  • register the student for a test.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • If you exit the wizard before completing all four steps, the wizard will walk you through the remaining steps when you are ready. You can exit the wizard at any time, and the system will retain the last saved activity.
new student wizard2
New Student Wizard
  • Adding a New Student (continued)
    • Go to Student Data > Student Data Information.
    • Select the Students option button.
    • Click New Student.
    • Enter the required information to create the student, and then click Save and Next.
    • Enter the required information to register the student for a test administration, and then click Save and Next.
    • The student is now registered for testing in the selected test administration.
    • To register the student in a group, select the group or create a new group, and then click Save and Next.
    • The student is added to the group. Select the test the student will take and then click Save and Exit.
    • The student is now successfully enrolled and registered to test.

Adding Student Accommodations

making accommodated selections in pearsonaccess
Making Accommodated Selections in PearsonAccess
  • Accommodated selections can be made on student-by-student basis by you, the SAC
  • PearsonAccess using the steps outline below.
    • Go to Test Management > Register Students.
    • To view all students, select the Show All Students check box and then click Search.
    • To search for an individual student, enter search criteria and then click Search. You must enter or select at least one search field; the more specific the criteria, the more focused the search will be.
    • Select a student.
    • Click the name of the student.
    • Click Edit and make the changes.
    • Click Save.
selecting accommodated forms
Selecting Accommodated Forms

Text to Speech

Color Contrast

Text to Speech & Color Contrast

Oral Script


Before testing select Form Override

Select Appropriate Accommodated Form Group Type from menu

Select the default accommodated form and provide a short reason


Print Student Authorization Tickets

student authorization tickets
Student Authorization Tickets

Student Authorization Tickets provide students with the information required to log into their test.

  • Are considered secure material- must follow the chain of custody process
  • Students type into a web browser
  • Students enter Username and Test Code SAC
  • SACs print Student Authorization tickets and Seal Codes located in each PearsonAccess test session
  • On the day students take the online test, distribute tickets and Seal Codes to Test Administrators
  • Test Administrators collect Student Authorization Tickets after testing and return to SAC with any test materials
student authorization tickets1
Student Authorization Tickets
  • Click on Authorizations > Student Authorizations to create a PDF document that has each student’s testing credentials
  • Multiple printing options for Student Authorization Tickets
student authorization tickets2
Student Authorization Tickets


Test Code:


Printing Seal Codes

seal codes
Seal Codes

When students are ready to “unseal” a sealed test section, provide the Seal Code for that section only.

  • Seal Codes apply only to sealed test sections.
  • Each test contains 3 sealed test sections.
  • Seal Codes must be used in the order they are printed.
  • Seal Codes become invalid as soon as the test session is stopped. (A new test session requires new Seal Codes.)
seal codes1
Seal Codes

To print Seal Codes go to Session Details > Authorizations and click on Seal Codes from the drop down.

immediately before testing proctor caching test content
Immediately Before Testing:Proctor Caching Test Content

Step 1

  • SAC / Test Administrators click on the Proctor Caching button to begin the caching process
  • 1st day and 1st session, proctor cache before students enter testing room
proctor caching test content
Proctor Caching Test Content

Step 2: Proctor Cache

  • The test forms to be cached for the test session will display.
  • Click the Next button to begin caching.
starting a test session
Starting a Test Session
  • To start a session click Start
  • Test sessions status shows as either Started or Not Started
removing moving students from test sessions
Removing/Moving Students from Test Sessions
  • Click the check box next to

the student to be moved to a

different session, or removed.

  • Click Remove or Move
  • Select Yesto confirm or

Noto cancel the action

  • The Students Not Assigned

to Session Report is available

on the Manage Test Sessions


test administrator tasks in pearsonaccess
Test Administrator Tasks in PearsonAccess
    • Just Before Testing (determine if SAC or TA does):
      • Proctor cache unless SAC completes this
      • Start test session
    • Test Administrator Role in managing test sessions
      • Hand out student authorization tickets & scratch paper, assist with student log-in, provide seal code
      • Start the session in PearsonAccess
      • Actively proctor the test section without looking at test; monitor activity in PearsonAccess
  • At end of each section:
    • Have students exit the test to resume later
    • Only allow students to submit the test after Section 3 is complete

NOTE: View Test Administrator PearsonAccess module

logging out of test section directions
Logging Out of Test Section Directions
  • From the review screen, student selects the blue Return to End Section button in top left of screen
    • If not there, select the gray View button next to the last question
  • Select the blue Arrow to advance to the “You have finished Section 1” screen
  • Select the green Continue Button
  • Select the Blue Yes button to exit and return later
  • In the top right hand corner of the screen select the gray button next to your name
  • Select “Logout of TestNav”
  • Select “Exit this test and finish later”
  • Select “Save and Return Later”
logging out of final section
Logging out of Final Section
  • Select in top right hand corner of screen
  • Select “Logout of TestNav”
  • Select “I am finished with this test and I want to submit my final answers.”
  • Select
  • You will see a message on the screen that says, “Logout complete. Thank you for using TestNav.”
reminders after testing
Reminders After Testing

Consider monitoring in PearsonAccess:

  • Confirm all students have completed testing
  • Verify all testing sessions have been completed
  • All test sessions must be stopped at the end of a test administration
  • Verify that all students in a session must be in Completed or Marked Complete status
  • Stop the test session
  • Enter in/verify that all accommodations used during testing is marked for each student
  • If necessary transcribe student responses from large print and braille test books into scannable test books
  • For AT devices: remove all electronic materials from any devices
    • Sign Verification of Removal of electronic data form and give to your SAC