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The Unbelievable Leader PowerPoint Presentation
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The Unbelievable Leader

The Unbelievable Leader

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The Unbelievable Leader

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  1. TheUnbelievable Leader

  2. Look what a powerful job we have here Unlucky it’s not that as easy as it appears A round of applaud to the hard working Big boo to Thaksin and ones who weren’t thinking How sad they never satisfied everyone ‘cause there’re jerks who can’t count from o to one Corruption is no doubt their loving tasks And who practice it most don’t ever ask We know now Prime minister it’s not easy Hail to beloved Shirley and Cherry and Golfyyyyy


  4. He’s the lame guy with hairy lady legs Is there anything he wanna beg Pethetic as jerks in front of his class I wish he would put on some glasses So he could see who are the super girls The man is no “Jack Sparrow” of the Black Pearl And as fair as police who work for Thaksin Sending the super girls to detention bin Eating like a cow just to keep a watch out He wants to do nothing but shout I’m so sorry I couldn’t find a single goodness in him.

  5. The Student GUESS WHO?

  6. Fly across the ocean to meet their fate. Butt kissing is their favorite hobbies, mate. The Indian girl always wear a necklace. The president loves to do nothing but race. The Japanese boys make the stupid yakuza. We used to have a boy name Takaza. Now he is gone with the Tornado wind. As the Indian boy always has the black sin. They both make the perfect wedding couple. Unfortunately love triangle happen like a bubble

  7. The polar bear keeper

  8. The man lives in icy frenzy igloo In free time he goes to the loo and poo His job is to take care of the big white bears Feeding them everyday with green pears And to be honest he looks like a bear Act of random kindness from him is rear Staying after work to him is best thing When we’re with him we wish for flying wings you’ve asked for what ‘bout him that’s not stink Here’s one and only : the polar bears won’t go extinct.

  9. The Models

  10. Pretty girls in beautiful clothes Inspired many, but are also loathed Eating like they’re so poor and slick Walking along the street looking like stick Sending out messages that you must be thin Since that’s the only way in the world to win Looking so nice in high end brands and all End up sometimes like idiots who are tall What a miserable little lives they own Hope they find something to do when they’re old