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Geospatial One-Stop Data Stewardship. Lynda Wayne GeoMaxim Federal Geographic Data Committee. Geospatial One-Stop: A Partnership. Steward Responsibility Geospatial One-Stop … portal FGDC ……………………policies and standards National Map …………..base data development

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Presentation Transcript
Geospatial one stop data stewardship l.jpg

Geospatial One-Stop Data Stewardship

Lynda Wayne


Federal Geographic Data Committee

Geospatial one stop a partnership l.jpg
Geospatial One-Stop: A Partnership

Steward Responsibility

Geospatial One-Stop…portal

FGDC ……………………policies and standards

National Map …………..base data development

User ……………………

Channel Steward……....interests communities

Data and metadata

Geodata gov channels l.jpg Channels

A set of thematic

channels based

upon ISO Topic


Geodata gov channels4 l.jpg Channels

Additional channels based upon:

  • Applications,

    e.g., Homeland Security

  • Current events,

    e.g., Hurricanes

  • Historic events,

    e.g., Lewis and Clark

  • Communities,

    e.g., Rural Communities

Geodata gov channel content l.jpg Channel Content

  • Featured Data Resources

    • community gold standards

    • widely used resources

    • unique applications

    • timely applications

    • represent breadth of the community

Geodata gov channel content7 l.jpg Channel Content

  • Web-mapping Services

    • data viewers

    • web-mapping

  • Applications

    • data query

    • data analyses

    • interactive data

Geodata gov channel content8 l.jpg Channel Content

  • Information Resources

    • conferences and meetings

    • events

    • publications

    • listservers

    • more…

Geodata gov channels9 l.jpg Channels

To serve as a community resource, each Channel requires active management by a designated Channel Steward

Administrative and Political Boundaries Census

Agriculture and Farming Agriculture

Atmosphere and Climate NOAA

Biology and Ecology USGS (NBII)

Business and Economy Commerce

Cadastral BLM

Cultural, Society, and Demographic Census

Geodata gov channels10 l.jpg Channels

Elevation and Derived Products USGS (elev)

Environment and Conservation EPA

Geological and Geophysical USGS (geology)

Human Heath and Disease CDC

Imagery and Base Maps USGS (ortho)

Inland Water Resources USGS (hydro)

Locations and Geodetic Networks NOAA (geodetic)

Oceans and Estuaries NOAA (coastal)

Transportation Networks BTS

Utilities and Communications FCC

Geodata gov channel stewards l.jpg Channel Stewards


  • focus is on thematic channels

  • initial stewards are federal agencies


  • interest channels under development

  • any organization can serve as Steward

Geodata gov channel stewards12 l.jpg Channel Stewards


  • channel layout

  • subchannels, e.g. society includes:

    demographic, criminal justice, archaeological, education, recreation

  • select featured content

  • coordinate advisory group of ‘contributors’

  • maintain site content and active links

Geodata gov channel contributor l.jpg Channel Contributor

Metadata Collection Managers:

  • Insert Channel Themes (ISO Topic Categories) into metadata records

    • for homogenous collection, simple scripting

    • for heterogeneous collection, greater challenge

  • Register your metadata collection at

    • provide lookup table if unable to insert themes in actual metadata per Step One.

  • Contact Channel Manager to nominate content

Geodata gov channel contributor14 l.jpg Channel Contributor

Data Managers:

  • Insert Channel Themes (ISO Topic Categories) into metadata records

  • Upload your metadata into a registered metadata collection


    Register as Publisher at and

    directly upload metadata (XML) to

  • Contact Channel Manager to nominate content

Geodata gov channel contributor15 l.jpg Channel Contributor


  • maintain data and metadata and URLs

  • create operational metadata**

    • Topic Categories as Theme Keywords

    • Links to metadata, data, applications, services

  • publish metadata in accessible collection**

    **more details in the next NSDI session

Geodata gov participation l.jpg participation

Metadata Creation and Upload:

Lynda [email protected]

Metadata Collection Publication & Harvesting: Doug [email protected]

Channel Steward Program:

Bonnie [email protected]

Channel Administration:

Ginny Pyles [email protected]