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Enterprise Thinking. CS November 18, 2006. Practical Application. Redefining New Product & Service Development Critical Path Method Alliances. Redefining. S1 – Create Challenge Statement: GLM is not optimizing its media relations services. Redefining. A. Is the CS one issue? YES

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Enterprise thinking

Enterprise Thinking


November 18, 2006

Practical application
Practical Application

  • Redefining

  • New Product & Service Development

  • Critical Path Method

  • Alliances


  • S1 – Create Challenge Statement:

    GLM is not optimizing its media relations services.


A. Is the CS one issue? YES

B. Is the CS present or future tense? YES

C. Is the CS a problem or a solution? YES

D. Are the facts verifiable? YES

E. Are the CS’ assumptions valid? YES

F. Is the CS essential to the overall goal? YES

S2 reformulate soc into a should statement oue
S2 – Reformulate SOC into a “Should” Statement (+OUE)

GLM should optimize its media relations efforts.

What would it take for GLM to optimize its media relations services?

S3 scan for solutions define the ultimate end
S3 – Scan for Solutions:Define the Ultimate End

What do we need to know?

  • Who is our audience (trade, consumer)? What are their needs?

  • Services and amenities of interest to press

  • Feedback from media team

  • Competitive offerings

  • Resources available: technological, financial, staffing, time

S3 what are possible solutions
S3 – What are possible solutions?

  • Registration and Database Maintenance:

    Online press registration system, with options for updating contact information, etc.

    2.Customized messaging:

    Numbering system for scanning, personalized messaging and BD Metrics access

    3.Access to Information:

    Online posting system for exhibitor news; RSS feeds

Overview of solution options
Overviewof Solution Options

S4 redefine solutions
S4 - Redefine Solutions

Work with IT department to develop online press registration system, connected to existing Access database.

S5 run test solutions small scale
S5 – Run Test Solutions(Small Scale)

  • Low Cost – review idea and process with media team and IT.

  • Mid Cost – review idea and process with press.

  • High Cost – conduct internal trial run with media team and show managers.

S6 run test solutions large scale
S6 – Run Test Solutions (Large Scale)

Run test to determine if test

  • meets core competencies

  • gives strategic advantage

  • will be accepted internally & externally

    Test: perform trial with select group of press; track # of registrants and calls to media team

S7 implementation
S7 - Implementation

  • Plan – announce new service through letter to press; signage at tradeshows

  • Launch – select a show or group of shows to start process

  • Implement – offer online service

S8 post review
S8 – Post Review

  • Pre-Show – anecdotal review from media team: time spent fielding calls, faxing/emailing form, requesting samples, updating contact information

  • At Show – press interviews

  • Post Show – MIS recap, suggestions, upgrades

New product service development
New Product & Service Development

Gate 1 - Stage 1

Define parameters: Online press registration system that enables press to register for a tradeshow; update contact information; request interviews, photos

Magnitude of opportunity: Less staff time spent updating records; fewer calls re: online options; ability to register for multiple shows; streamlined onsite badge pick up; in line with competitors

Focus groups: internal/external poll with media team; select group of press

Gate 2 stage 2 build a business case
Gate 2 – Stage 2Build a Business Case

  • Competitive analysis of RX, WMC, AMC, DMC, LA Mart

  • Technical needs

    -System upgrades

    -Web redesigns

    -Staff resources

Gate 3 stage 3 development
Gate 3 – Stage 3Development

  • Working model for internal testing

  • Develop launch plans

    • Press communication

    • Giveaways, incentives

  • Customer feedback

    • Staff

    • Press

New product service development1
New Product & Service Development

  • Gate 4 – Stage 4 Testing/Validation

  • Gate 5 – Stage 5 Launch

    • Question press at show about benefits, ease of use, areas for improvement

Critical path method developing online press registration
Critical Path Method:Developing Online Press Registration

  • Interview press re: registration “wish list”

  • Review competitive show options

  • Discuss needs with media team

  • Develop comprehensive list of registration needs and fields

  • Review needs with IT department

  • IT develop template for press access, registration, contact updates

  • PR conduct internal test

  • Review changes with IT department

  • IT makes changes

  • PR review changes; retest

  • Write and issue press announcement

  • Launch service

  • Survey press

  • Make refinements

Launching online registration1
Launching Online Registration




with IT






needs list









with IT


Media team


Alliance ad hoc
Alliance: Ad Hoc

PR and IT Departments

  • Objective: work jointly to develop and launch online registration system

  • Strategy: research, technology, testing, promotion and launch

  • Description: Short term, minimum resources

Key elements
Key Elements

  • Duration: 3-month period

  • Research

    • PR research press interest, competition

    • IT research database options

  • Technology

    • IT develop system

  • Testing

    • PR conducts internal, external tests

  • Promotion and Launch

    • PR announce and promote system

  • Feedback Loops

    • PR team and press

  • End-of-Cycle reviews

Online press registration makes business
Online Press Registration makes business:

  • Better – press can self-update; register for multiple shows

  • Faster – press no longer need to wait in lines at shows, fill out forms

  • Cheaper - save staff time fielding calls, faxing forms, printing badges