Developing a news story
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DEVELOPING A NEWS STORY. 1) KNOW YOUR DEADLINE. 2) Know your structure. WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN. How and Why. 3) Know your audience. 4) Get an idea. Where do we get ideas? *Press releases *Diaries – court, mothers day *Talking to people

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Developing a news story


Developing a news story

2) Know your structure





Developing a news story

3) Know your


Developing a news story

4) Get an idea

Where do we get ideas?

*Press releases

*Diaries – court, mothers day

*Talking to people

*Everywhere – soup can, signs, noticeboards, friends

*Rounds: police, education, health, parliament, councils

  • Where can you get ideas?

  • Look around: playground, canteen, sports shed, library, parents

  • Talk to people: teachers, parents, office ladies, P&C, fellow students

  • Ask why

  • Ask “WHAT BUGS YOU?”

Developing a news story

5) Research

  • The internet

  • Library. Local history section

  • - Newspaper archives

  • - Assess the reliability of sources

Developing a news story

6) Do interviews

-Talk to all sides of the story

- Write questions based on who, what, where, when, how and why

Developing a news story

7) Book a photographer

- People must be in it.

Developing a news story

8) Write early and write often

  • KISS: Keep it simple stupid

  • Boring stories start with boring words like “ the state government said”, start with “an explosion”, “a dispute”

  • How would you say it in a text message (SMS) is a good technique to keep it simple

  • Don’t be afraid to use puns, alliteration etc but leave the adjectives at home. People can only have “said” something they cannot believe, describe, exclaim, shout, comment, note, etc. Let the facts speak for themselves. For example: A bomb went off in Newcastle at 7am yesterday. Not a firey bomb rippled through the ashen grey streets of industrial Newcastle during yesterday’s frosty morning.

Developing a news story

9) Details

  • Check facts

  • Check spelling, grammar and style

  • Check its legal

  • If in doubt leave it out

  • Proof, proof, proof read

Developing a news story

10) A word about the internet

-Search engine optimisation(SEO)

-Get copy online early

-Get multi media to match:

slideshows, video, sound bytes, Pdfs of documents