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Project goal/ DescriptionSome experiments shows a variation of radioactive decay rates over the course of a year. This ‘Modulation’ experiment is to see whether that's an effect of their setups, or whether it has some cosmic origin, e.g. from the movement of Earth around the Sun (which would be completely unexpected and very exciting). Therefore, this whole experiment need to be in as stable an environment as can be, to limit any other influences.

The basic principle is a radiation source with at both sides a detector, which consists of a NaI(TL) crystal and a photomultiplier (so called Detector–Set). Monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity and magnetic field to check for any correlation.

Baseline is a setup that sits on a shipping palette, surrounded by some aluminum box to control air temperature and humidity, with a power plug and Ethernet cable coming out.

Plan is to have 4 setups placed in underground Labs, like: Gran Sasso, Frejus and Canranc. This experiment is a collaboration of Purdue University, University of Zürich and Nikhef.