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How To Decorate Your Workplace For Halloween PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Decorate Your Workplace For Halloween

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How To Decorate Your Workplace For Halloween - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Halloween is here again! Aside from worrying about the costume that you’ll wear

to trick or treat parties, another common dilemma among us is decorating our workplace. Most offices celebrate this occasion by holding a trick or treat party and throwing a Halloween decoration contest between departments.

But decorating our homes and our workplace are two different things.

Office decorations have to be more restrained and eco-friendly as much as possible.

By making the most out of recyclable materials, we don’t only get to help save the planet; we also get to save ourselves from spending lots of cash on payday advance from loans lenders. These loans may be highly convenient to apply for but

if you’re a practical spender, you won’t borrow money just so to have the

spookiest cubicle in the office.


The good thing is that there are many ways to decorate your desk without having to spend as much. The key is by using recyclable materials that can be found in the workplace. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

Old fabric. We purchase yards of fabric for presentations. Maybe we used them during our dance number in last year’s Christmas party or maybe during a product launch. Instead of just allowing this fabric to pile up in dust, use them for Halloween decoration. Wash the fabric and paint them black, and then hang them on the walls.

Don’t let any white portion of the wall show. You need to cover every corner with black.

Then scatter cob webs on top of the fabric. You can also use the black fabric

to cover tables and chairs.


Scrap paper. Offices have piles of scrap paper. Turn them into pumpkin paper machetes! The more paper you have, the more pumpkins you can make.

You can assign one pumpkin per employee. Be sure to do this at least a week before the party because paper machetes need to be dried up properly before painting them.

You can also make skulls and other Halloween props as you please.

Coffee cups. Collect all your coffee cups and use them to make puppets or flying ghosts. Just draw a scary face on the cup and put a bulb inside it. When they glow,

it will create an eerie impression. You can also cover the cups with plastic bags and

hang them onto a string. Draw Casper faces and get ready to scare people.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money for your office Halloween decoration.

Keep these tips in mind and reserve your same day payday loan for more

urgent needs in the future.