Leading lawn maintenance provider
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Leading lawn maintenance provider

Central land care: The premiere South Tampa's Lawn Care provider for both residential & commercial properties. We are leading Lawn Maintenance provider

Leading Lawn Maintenance Provider

C reate a lasting first impression
Create a Lasting First impression

Lawn care may seem like a thankless business sometimes. And also may seem like residents, visitors and office workers only take it for granted.  Not only can it create a lasting first impression, but it also speaks to how much you value your property. 

South tampa lawn maintenance
South Tampa Lawn Maintenance 

Lawn maintenance may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth making the investment. South Tampa lawn maintenance gives us many tips for how to keep everything lush and beautiful in your own home or office.

Lawn service tampa
Lawn Service Tampa

Lawn Care Service Tampa: Caring for your Tampa Lawn means not only occasionally cut but like other plants in your garden that will have to be watered and nurtured regularly.

Quality of lawn service tampa
Quality of Lawn Service Tampa

Lawn Care Tampa: A lawn care company reputable will ensure that use only the best quality products, when it comes to caring for your lawn and keep pests under control.

Saving water by using programmable sprinkler systems
Saving Water By using Programmable Sprinkler Systems

Saving Water by using Programmable Sprinkler Systems is possible now!

Use the scheduling functions to adjust the amount during rainy summer weeks or the cooler autumn season, so you’re not over watering your lawn, by this you can save water

Mow your lawn appropriately
Mow Your Lawn Appropriately 

Keeping your lawn trimmed creates a smaller window for weeds to develop. So whenever you mow it, you’ll only remove one third off the top.

South tampa landscape lighting
South Tampa Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting service can without a doubt provide a dramatic difference in your home or commercial property’s appearance. we can give your home and Lawn a completed look with outdoor landscape lighting installations.

Don t hire expensive company
Don’t hire expensive company

South Tampa landscaping: You need not employ the services of a lawn care or hire expensiveSouth Tampa landscapingcompany throughout the year.

Schedule an appointment
Schedule an appointment!!!

Central Land Care6701 South Manhattan Ave, Tampa, FL 33616Phone: (813) 765-5296

Or visit: http://centrallandcare.com/

Keep following tips
Keep Following Tips

Keep following tips from the leading South Tampa Lawn Maintenance company Central Land Care!!!