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Treating Gum Problems.pptx Uploaded Successfully PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. Treating Gum Problems

  2. Keeping your teeth healthy depends on the actions you take every day.

  3. Regular brushing and flossing can help to reduce dental cavities and prevent gum disease that can endanger your teeth.

  4. Scheduling regular visits to family dentists can help individuals prevent tooth loss caused by gum disease and help preserve their healthy smiles.

  5. Importance of Healthy Gums

  6. Most people don’t think about the health of their gums until a problem arises, but healthy gums are critical to maintaining your teeth as the years pass.

  7. A healthy diet, regular brushing and flossing and periodic dental checkups can help to prevent gingivitis and other gum problems.

  8. Cosmetic dentists may call their patients' attention to gum disease, which can affect their ability to correct dental problems and provide the aesthetic effect that people desire.

  9. Treating the gum disease can help to ensure that you keep the beautiful smile you work so hard to attain.

  10. Nonsurgical Treatments

  11. Gum disease can often be resolved with nonsurgical methods, such as:

  12. · Dental cleaning – Your dentist may advise more frequent cleanings to remove plaque and tartar that normally develop on teeth.

  13. · Scaling and root cleaning – Deep cleaning under local anesthesia can help to remove additional plaque and tartar below the gum line.

  14. · Antibiotic treatment – Your dentist may prescribe a course of antibiotics to reduce the amount of bacteria in the gums that is causing inflammation. Doxycycline, tetracycline and minocycline are used for this purpose.

  15. · Prescription mouth rinse – Chlorhexidine is a liquid anti-microbial medication that can be used as a mouth rinse to treat gum disease.

  16. · Special toothpastes – You can purchase special, non-prescription toothpastes that contain fluoride and triclosan to help treat gum disease.

  17. Surgical Treatments

  18. A number of surgical treatments can help resolve problems from gum disease:

  19. · Pocket reduction/flap surgery – In this method, the pockets around the base of the teeth are pulled back and tartar is removed.

  20. The bone around the tooth may be smoothed and the gum re-positioned to reduce the open spaces so that it fits more tightly around the tooth.

  21. · Bone grafts – Fragments of your own bone, or synthetic bone, can be used to replace bone lost from gum disease.

  22. The graft then serves as a base for your own normal bone growth.

  23. · Soft tissue grafts – Tissue from the roof of the mouth can be removed and re-positioned on gums to add tissue to support the teeth.

  24. · Guided tissue regeneration – This is a process that stimulates the growth of bone tissue and soft tissue.

  25. It uses a mesh-like fabric onto which cells can grow. The new tissue then helps to support teeth.

  26. · Bone surgery – This type of surgery is used to decrease the depth of craters that develop in advanced bone loss.

  27. The reshaped bone makes it harder for bacteria to grow in the spaces.

  28. With regular exams and daily care, you can prevent gum disease and ensure that your teeth have the support they need to last a lifetime.

  29. Talk to your dentist about gum health to get the best advice about taking care of your smile.

  30. If you are seeking professional dental advice, it's time to call Shumway Dental Care.

  31. Their Chandler dentists will ask you questions, examine you, and determine exactly what needs to be done to get you back to normal.

  32. Call today for an appointment.

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