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Website Development and Digital Marketing Company PowerPoint Presentation
Website Development and Digital Marketing Company

Website Development and Digital Marketing Company

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  1. SEM Search Engine Optimization

  2. About DGTLMART DGTLmart (, is among the fastest growing digital solutions company offering services to clients across the globe and located in India. We are doing cutting edge work in the field of Digital Centre of Excellence creation offering end to end digital solutions, Online Reputation Management services, and other digital marketing services. We are a team of Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Hub spot and Bing certified experts having experience of getting websites on top in Google, generate high amount of traffic and ROI for you.

  3. Services Provided By Dgtlmart Website Designing | Website Development | Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Marketing/PPC | Display ads | E-mail Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Content Writing | Analytics | Content Marketing | Mobile Marketing | E-commerce Solution | App Development | SEO

  4. Contents • Introduction • What is SEO? • Working of search engine. • Activities involved in SEO. • Benefits of SEO.

  5. INTRODUCTION • SEO – search engine optimization means increasing the website visibility in the Organic search results. • to improve and increase the ranking of website in search engine.

  6. What is SEO? • SEO is increasing the visibility of your website in search engine and to increase it there are three components to be kept in mind :- • What type of content people will read. • Working of search engine • How to do promotion of your website • And how to optimize the website • SEO is subset of search engine marketing.

  7. Working of search engine- CRAWLING- crawling is a process through which crawler / spider fetches all the web pages connected with the searched website. INDEXING- the fetched web pages are indexed into a big database.

  8. PROCESSING-the searched string is compared with the indexed pages. RELEVANT PAGE IS CALCULATED-the searched string is likely to appear in more than one indexed pages so the relevant page which the user is looking for is calculated and the result is presented infront of the user. RETIVING THE RESULTANT PAGE- the resultant page is displayed on the browser.

  9. ACTIVITIES INVOLVED IN SEO There are two types of activities involved in SEO : OFF PAGE ON PAGE LIST OF ON PAGE ACTIVITIES- Image Alt Tags Placement Meta Tags Optimization Canonicalization Anchor and Title Tag Optimization Header Tag Optimization Robost.txt Creation LIST OF OFF PAGE ACTIVITIES- • Manual Search Engine Submission • Directory Submission • Classified Submission • Premium Directory Submission • Social Bookmarking • Blog Posting

  10. Benefits of SEO-

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