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Https itapdot

LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 1 By pasting the address at the bottom of this page in your address box at the top of your browser, you can access INDOT’s Indiana Technical Assistance Program (ITAP). The page, as it appears, is shown below. You can also go to INDOT’s home page and click on “Doing Business with INDOT” under the heading at the left of page that says “INDOT Home.” Once there, under the “Doing Business with INDOT” heading at the left of that page, click on “Local Public Agency Programs.” On that page, scroll down to the bottom and in the center column you will see the heading “Related Links.” Click on the sub-heading under Related Links called, “INDOT Technical Application Pathway (ITAP) Login.” You will then see the page shown below.


Local quarterly report
Local Quarterly Report LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 1

LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 2

If you have been previously enrolled in ITAP, you will simply login here. Be sure to select “Others” and not “INDOT Employee” when logging in. If you have not previously enrolled, first determine if your agency is already registered by clicking on “Complete a User Enrollment Form,” at the bottom. On the screen that appears next, you will select the type of business you represent (e.g., City, Town, County, etc.) and a list of existing businesses in this category will generate. If your business does not appear then you will first need to enroll your business before applying to be a user.

Https itapdot

LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 1 : 3To complete the business enrollment form (shown below), fill in the peach colored fields (the white field is not required). Click “Start” to submit the form. This will be forwarded to the individuals at INDOT that approve business enrollments in the system. This could take a day, a few days or possibly even a week. When you have received approval by email that your business enrollment was accepted, you may now go back into the system and apply for user privileges.

Https itapdot

LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 1 4Following the instructions from Page 1 of this presentation, once again, go to the login page and click on “Complete a user enrollment form.” The screen that will appear is shown below. Click the appropriate business category on the page and the generated list of businesses should now include your business. Select your business to move to the next screen to complete your User Enrollment Form. Click “Finish” to complete your User Enrollment Form. When initially enrolling a business, you must designate someone as a Primary User. This person can be changed if needed, by contacting INDOT. User enrollments are approved by the business’s Primary User and by an INDOT individual. After submitting your User Enrollment Form, an automatically generated email is sent to approve you as a user to both the Primary User and INDOT. After approval from both parties, you will receive an email notification saying you are now approved as a user for your business in ITAP.

Https itapdot

LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 5After you have been approved as a user for your business, the last step is being approved to access the survey. The survey is considered an “application” and ITAP has many applications to choose from. Users must be approved for access to certain applications in the ITAP system. To request access to the survey application, hover over “Application” on the home screen and select “Request New Application.” Click on “LPA Annual Pre-Award Certification & Assurance” (according to the red arrows - do not click on “Local Quarterly Report;” it is merely highlighted in the screen-grab) and then click “Submit.” The approval process for an application is just like a user enrollment. After approval from your Primary User and INDOT, you will be notified via email that you have been approved to access the application.

Local quarterly report1

LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 6

  • After being approved for the survey application it should appear as an option on your Home Page after logging in. Click “LPA Annual Pre-Award Certification & Assurance” and then “Click here to access application.” You will be taken to the next screen to complete the survey.

Local Quarterly Report

Https itapdot

LPA Pre-Award Certification and Assurance: 6After completing the survey, click the acknowledgement box at the bottom. If there are no errors, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your responses. If there are errors to fix, the screen will not change and you will need to scroll to the top and view the errors that need to be corrected prior to submitting the survey.